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POS and ERP: Understanding the significance for the Retail sector

What is a POS (Point of Sale)?

A POS is a system used for billing or completing a transaction in a Retail store. In a store, a POS is where transaction happens, order is processed and bill is paid. ebizframe Point of Sales solution is a completely automated Retail Management System which has been specifically designed to cater for environments with high transaction volume and long operation hours such as Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Departmental Stores, Specialty Stores, Convenience Stores, Discount Stores and Retail Stores. ebizframe POS for retail industry is a comprehensive, integrated solution for the retail industry. Its exceptional scope gives a totally integrated solution that delivers significant increase in productivity on the shop floor, plus higher levels of management control at head office. It can run on any device like a Laptop, Tab or Mobile or a POS Terminal. It even integrates with various peripherals like Thermal Printer, Card readers, Cash Register, Bar code readers etc.

What is an ERP?

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a software that automates and integrates all your diverse business processes like finance, manufacturing, procurement, HR, etc. on a single platform. It eliminates data silos and gives you a single source of truth, and helps get fast answers to critical business questions.

ebizframe POS integrates seamlessly with ebizframe ERP for Retail  at the back-end to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for retailer to manages their Retail store, procurement, financial and inventory operation from a central location. ebizframe ERP for Retail helps retail chains improve their sale to stock ratio. This means a retail business can achieve their sales target with optimum stock and thereby increasing profitability. ebizframe back office offers very powerful functionality for managing the inventory of retail chain stores. ebizframe ERP for Retail software is specifically configured for the retail sector to map the specific requirements of Retail industry like a vast number of SKUs, stock rotation, inventory planning based on size, style, colour, slow-moving /non-moving stocks, expiry dates, etc. It ensures that only required inventory is maintained at stores. Stock transfers between stores is automated and centrally managed through HO.  ebizframe for Retail can be configured for POS either to work in an online mode or an offline mode.

In addition ebizframe also has integrated Android based handhelds enabling stores to do operations such as Picking, Physical Stock, Put-in, Load etc very quickly.

Benefits of implementing ERP and POS Integration for the Retail sector:

  • A single solution across your front-end and back-end which integrates with all types of peripherals.
  • Boosts Productivity Friendly, easy to use interface means staff can serve customers more quickly – boosting productivity and increasing customer satisfaction by cutting queues and finishing tasks in minutes thus saving man hours.
  • Improves Customer Relation ebizframe ERP maintains customer buying history with its easily accessible contact and demographic details. This helps you to keep a better relationship with the Customer as well as keep a track of his buying patterns.
  • Integrates Various Channels ERP system integrates all the different channels into a unified platform, allowing departments to view and share information in real time.
  • Data Integrity Automated feature helps in avoiding manual entries, data?duplication thus reduce data redundancy or manipulation.
  • Automatic Sales & Payment Recording

POS systems automatically record sales transaction details, thus eliminating extra effort and scope of human errors that occur when the task is done manually. ebizframe ERP Retail software comes integrated with the POS tool making sure that the sales transactions are faster and easier.

  • Advanced analytics and Forecasting with ebizframeBI

Once you have implemented ebizframe ERP and POS, ebizframeBI can give you very deep insights into your operations using the Power of BI. In addition you can generate accurate forecasts using very advanced algorithms using ebizframeBI which rides on top of Microsoft Power BI.

Integrating the right POS system with a powerful and modern ERP system can make your business much more agile and help create streamlined process and provide you more capability to boost you sales and ensure happy and loyal customers.

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