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About Eastern Software Systems

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About Eastern Software Systems

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) is a premium IT Solutions & Services Company with a presence in 25 countries across Africa, Middle East and India. ESS offers cutting-edge Enterprise Automation Solutions and I.T. Services to its clients across diverse industry verticals and government organizations. ESS was founded in 1990 and is an ISO-9001:2015 certified enterprise which is also assessed at SEI CMM Level 5. ESS constantly trains and upgrades the skillsets of its technical workforce so that Eastern Software Systems has the expertise and resources to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that are associated with providing high-quality IT Products and Services in today’s extremely competitive business environment.

ESS’ flagship product, ebizframe ERP System is a Next Generation ERP Suite that has been successfully implemented for 1100+ clients. ebizframe eliminates the scattered islands of information in an enterprise and replaces them with a system wherein all transactions occur on a single platform using the same database. This ensures that there is only “One Version of the Truth” across the enterprise. ebizframe ERP is completely Device-Agnostic and SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud) enabled. It can be quickly configured for almost any industry vertical thereby ensuring rapid implementation and delivers one of the fastest Return on Investment (RoI) in the industry. ebizframe ERP in India has been instrumental in transforming enterprises into becoming more agile and proactive so that they can face challenges and readily adapt to the dynamic business environment effortlessly.

Eastern Software Systems also provides other Enterprise Automation Systems like Mobile Sales Force Automation (m-SFA), Hospital Management System (HMS) Software , Buying House Management System, etc. Each Enterprise Automation Solution focuses on streamlining the existing functions of the enterprise and making them more efficient and responsive. This leads to a more satisfied and loyal customer-base which translates into a perceptible increase in the revenues of the enterprise.

In addition to Enterprise Automation Solutions, ESS also specializes in Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services for its clients. Our expertise includes the broad spectrum of your business – from building custom applications, developing database intensive solutions, tailoring existing erp vendors in India to meeting new requirements, creating a collaboration and communication platform or providing support, ESS does it all. Our ADM Processes are completely quality controlled and optimized to deliver cost effective and high quality services in a time bound manner.

ESS’ Total IT Outsourcing Services enable organizations to completely outsource their IT Infrastructure Management to ESS. This frees up precious time and manpower resources of an enterprise to focus on their core business.  Eastern Software System the top ERP Vendor can help plan, integrate, manage, implement, transition and modulate IT Infrastructure of any enterprise to any scale and complexity.

ESS’ e-Governance Solutions have been implemented for diverse public sector organizations and government departments globally. From managing Airports to automating Toll Management, Water Supply Corporations and Local Government operations, ESS’ e-Governance Solutions have successfully streamlined operations and improved the quality of services delivered by these organizations to its citizens.

Eastern Software Systems – A Snapshot

  • Founded 1990
  • Employs 350+ highly skilled technical and managerial manpower.
  • Leadership presence in 25 countries across Africa, Middle East and India.
  • 1100+ clients in 20+ diverse industry verticals.
  • Expertise in developing and implementing ERP, Enterprise Automation, e-Governance, ADM, TITO Solutions and Services.
  • Certified ISO-9001:2015 and assessed at SEI CMM Level 5.


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