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Process Manufacturing

erp for process manufacturingProcess Manufacturing is a form of production which is continuous and involves formulas and recipes instead of discrete materials. The industries that fit the bill perfectly include Chemical, Food and Beverages (F&B) and Pharmaceutical. A striking difference between Process and Discrete Manufacturing lies with the end product, which is measurable in the former and countable in the latter.

Process Manufacturing Companies have their hands full when it comes to facing complexities. Such complexities demand dedicated and prudently designed ERP Solutions. Process Manufacturing ERP is all about ingredients, their weights and their volumes. Tracking the minute variations of these attributes during the manufacturing process and beyond requires utmost precision and should be an indispensable characteristic of a Process-Oriented ERP. The adaptability to various measurement units and conversions that may give outputs in decimals is another distinction which a Process-Oriented ERP System must hold. ebizframe ERP for Process Manufacturing accommodates all these functionalities seamlessly and has a lot more to offer than a regular ERP System.

The extent of traceability required corresponds to the nature or the working model of an industry. Taking an example of the Food Industry, it is essential to trace the complete trajectory of the product from the factory to the vendor’s lot and eventually to the field where it was cultivated. ebizframe ERP for Process Manufacturing remains consistent in handling such variants of traceability.

Process Manufacturing ERP software primarily depends upon the velocity to churn out large volumes of production. This calls for a judicious utilization of available equipment, apart from the regular material management. Another attribute which makes Process Manufacturing intricate is that it’s not singular in nature and the primary processes branch out into numerous secondary processes, while forming intermediate products along the way which are not part of the inventory. ebizframe ERP for Process Manufacturing has the flexibility to cater to such an erratic form of production that carriesfrequent changes in the overall chemistry of the ingredients involved.

open source erp process manufacturingQuality Assurance and Quality Management are the vital cogs in the wheel of Process Manufacturing ERP. A considerable amount of planning has to be vested in the process to comply with the accepted quality standards. An ERP System managing the data pertaining to audit and generating reports on an enterprise’s non-conformity to the quality standards is something which is crucial for the smooth functioning of an enterprise. ebizframe ERP for Process Manufacturing features a potent Quality Reporting Module to let an enterprise meet all the quality norms.

ebizframe ERP Software is as inclusive as it can get. Be it integrating the Supply Chain Management, Monitoring of Raw Materials precisely, Materials Requirement Planning, Inventory Control or curtailing the extent of waste during production, it is all for the optimization of the Process Manufacturing.

For more information on how ebizframe for Process Manufacturing can enable you to seamlessly automate your Process Manufacturing enterprise, please write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com.