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ERP in Mumbai


ESS India’s flagship product ebizframe ERP has successfully bolstered a wide spectrum of businesses located in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. ebizframe is an all-weather ERP solution which has been the mainstay when it comes to helping organization achieve operational excellence by streamlining their critical processes.

ERP in Mumbaiebizframe is the NumeroUno ERP software in Mumbai to automate and streamline all the processes of an enterprise, which provides all the essential modules such as finance/accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, HCM etc. The best part is that it is web based. All enterprises in Mumbai which have opted for ebizframe are no more reliant on excel spreadsheets to maintain their inventory. They have achieved the fiscal effectiveness using the finance module of ebizframe. Their sales teams have derived the maximum mileage out of the ERP solution as they can now do better sales forecasting using its A state of the art Sales module.

The highlight of ebizframe, which is the Best ERP in Mumbai, is that it supports mobility, i.e, it is fully operational on tablets and smartphones. The ebizframe App is available on Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Due to this functionality, there can be a round the clock access to the ERP software in Mumbai, irrespective of the country or time zone the personnel of an organization is in. Enterprises can take those quick decisions based on the real-time information on a mobile device. They just need to avail the software from the best ERP Company in Mumbai.

Social collaboration can play a pivotal role in taking any business to heights as customers are more tech savvy than ever. Primary reason for this has been the user-friendliness of the social media platforms. Businesses need to be proactive when it comes to propagating information.Through ebizframe, enterprises can seamlessly integrate their businesses with the social networking platforms to achieve a better synergy with their customers, suppliers and stakeholders.The social collaboration feature of ebizframe has done wonders for the enterprises in Mumbaias their suppliers and customers are now able access their Facebook pages to get all the information regarding the latest developments in their business.

To get more info on ebizframe, the best-in-the-business ERP solution from the finest ERP Software Company in Mumbai, write to us at marketing@essindia.com.