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ERP in India


ERP Software in IndiaIndia is the 7th largest country in the world and a dominant power in South Asia. With a population rapidly approaching 1.3 Billion it is the second most populous country in the world. India’s economy worth US$ 2.2 Trillion is the world’s 3rd largest economy in terms of PPP. It is rapidly growing at a rate of 7-8% per annum and is estimated to overtake the US by 2045. The Services Sector contributes roughly 56% of the GDP followed by the Industrial Sector with 26% and the Agricultural Sector with 18%. Major industries in India include Information Technology, Textiles, Real Estate, Pharma, Petroleum, Manufacturing, Mining, Telecommunications, etc.

Role of Best ERP Software in India

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and its predecessors like MRP, etc. have always aided the Indian enterprise to manage their resources more effectively. Although Indian industries were slightly late to adopt ERP Systems as compared to other developed economies, but post liberalization they grew manifold and suddenly Best ERP Solution became more of a necessity rather than an option. ERP Systems would help companies to effectively manage their entire processes starting from Procurement to Manufacturing of finished products to final delivery of goods to the market. Best ERP Software in India also helped businesses to manage their Human Resource and Payroll requirements much better. Gradually Best ERP Systems have become the backbone of every successful Indian enterprise.

Role of ebizframe in India’s Growth Story

erp Implementation in indiaebizframe ERP is one of the oldest and leading Best ERP Systems in India. ebizframe ERP also has the privilege of being the first web-enabled ERP in India. It has been successfully implemented for 1,000+ organizations and caters to almost all the industry verticals. During its initial years ebizframe ERP in India created a niche for itself in the Indian ERP space by focussing on the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) segment. It was affordable, easy to customize & implement and backed by reliable post-implementation support. Another reason for its popularity in India is that ebizframe ERP has been extremely adept in adapting itself to the growing needs of Indian organizations thereby enabling them to expand their business seamlessly to other parts of the world.

After contributing for more than 20 years to India’s growth story, the latest version of ebizframe ERP has completely transformed the way Indian enterprises perceive ERP Systems India. It caters to the automation needs of a modern day global enterprise. Built on a proactive philosophy, ebizframe10 Best ERP India can be quickly configured for almost any industry vertical and creates a lean, agile and future-ready enterprise. Mobility has had a huge impact on the way businesses run today enabling organizations to build customer-centric businesses. Owing to this fact, ebizframe ERP Implementation in India  is now completely Device Agnostic enabling users to manage their business anytime, anywhere and on any smart device. Best ERP in Indiaebizframe ERP also has comprehensive user-defined dashboards which quickly present the critical aspects of the business like Sales, Receivables, Payables, Production, etc. in a snapshot. This enables a time-starved CEO to devote more of his time to plan his organization’s growth rather than getting bogged down by routine transactions.

ebizframe ERP Implementation Companies in India is built using the latest technology platforms and can be deployed securely On-Cloud or On-Premises as per the client’s discretion. To know more about ebizframe Features and Functionalities please see the demo or write to us at: marketing@essindia.com.