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ERP in Middle East

About the Middle East

ERP in DubaiThe Middle East is a term given to a transcontinental region broadly having the Persian Gulf as its center and stretching from Egypt in Africa to Iran in Asia. It consists of 17 countries including Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Cyprus, Yemen, Gaza, Palestine, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The entire Middle East belt is gifted with extremely rich oil resources which constitute more than 40% of the total oil production in the world.

The other major industries in the Middle East include oil refining and oil-related products, agriculture, cotton, cattle, dairy, textiles, leather products, surgical instruments, defense equipment (guns, ammunition, tanks, submarines, fighter jets, UAVs, and missiles), construction, banking, and logistics. Tourism is another rising industry in this region, particularly in UAE, Bahrain, and Jordan. The 3 largest economies in the Middle East in terms of nominal GDP are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

Role of ERP in the Middle East

ERP Software KuwaitERP Systems have played a very constructive role in the massive development of the Middle East region enabling the businesses to streamline their processes and also aligning them with countries with which they do business. Most of the Middle East speaks Arabic and hence it becomes necessary for them to have a multilingual ERP which can help them run businesses seamlessly with non-Arabic speaking countries.

Construction and Oil are two major industries in the Middle East and both the industries involve a profuse amount of resources and manpower to be managed for the timely execution of humungous projects. That is where ERP Systems are of great use because they can easily manage a large number of resources precisely without duplication of data.

Role of ebizframe in Middle East’s growth story

ebizframe ERP is one of the leading ERP Software in the Middle East and has been automating enterprises in the region for over a decade. The contribution of ebizframe ERP in the growth of Middle East’s enterprises is substantial. ebizframe ERP has been successfully implemented for some of the renowned rig operation companies in the gulf and has perfected itself to cater to the salient needs of the rig industry. Apart from oil rigs, ebizframe ERP has also benefitted other industries like Logistics, Manufacturing, Project Management, FMCG Distribution, Retail, etc. by automating their end to end operations thereby reducing costs and maximizing profits.

Globally, ebizframe ERP has been implemented for 1,000+ customers in more than 25 countries. ebizframe ERP is completely device agnostic and hence provides users seamless access to ERP even from remote locations. ebizframe ERP has its own mobile app which can be used to perform critical functions on the move thereby eliminating the possibility of delay in making crucial decisions.

For more information on how ebizframe ERP can transform your business, write to us at marketing@essindia.com.