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How IoT will pave the way for an intelligent ERP?

IoT (Internet of Things) propagates the idea of things (Devices) communicating with other things (Devices) through a channel of sensors, with a minimal role of any human element. The influx of such data into an ERP Software will be a game changer, resonating perfectly with the requisites of the inter-connected world. To strike coherence with IoT, future ERP Systems ought to be more open so that they can process

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ERP in Post-GST Scenario

GST ready software

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been the talk of the town since it was first introduced in 2011. This has been a much awaited move for the entire business fraternity and is being seen as the biggest economic reform since liberalization in 1991. Every business, big or small, transporter or manufacturer is eagerly waiting to experience the benefits the new tax regime proposes to bring to their

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Discrete v/s Process Manufacturing: Clearing the Fog

erp solution company

Discrete and Process Manufacturing are two different kinds of businesses within Manufacturing. Discrete Manufacturing is all about production of distinct items like computers, furniture, appliances, etc. These are very different from the products of Process Manufacturing which are homogeneous like glue, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oil, gas, etc. Products of Discrete Manufacturing can be taken apart as they are assembled by nuts, bolts, etc. This makes the operations of Discrete Manufacturers

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Signs your company is ready for a new ERP


Is your ERP investment not delivering the expected results? Are employees complaining of ERP inefficiencies and lost information? Is the system unable to change with your growing business needs or is it inflexible and hindering the company processes? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, it is time to look for a change.
There is just no point in creating and continuing with such a situation,

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The Not Either/Or of Smelling the Roses

Most of us embrace and appreciate the idea of taking unplanned detours, savouring those special spontaneous moments with loved ones, listening to our favourite playlist, hearing the music of birds chirping, but how many times do we actually do it? We are all so caught up in our work and families that we hardly ever stop by and smell the roses.Read More

Software is YOUR Business

I am fortunate that my job gives me opportunities to meet many CEOs and Owner-Managers. Most times, these top managers are masters at what they do and run their companies very successfully. However, the moment I start talking to them about software, and how it can help transform their organizations, I can see their defences going up, and many of them smiling, tell me that they don’t understand software and that software is not their business.Read More

ERP – A Cost or a Fixed Deposit (FD) with min. 50% returns?

“Well Guys…..How much will this cost us?”. This is the first question that a Managing Director (MD) will typically ask the team when they bring up a proposal of buying an ERP System for the organization. Unfortunately ERPs have been seen to be a “Cost” which will simplify life or make critical information available to everyone at the click of a button so that people are more organized, more customer centric, etc. etc. etc….Read More

Our Success Through Partnerships

Over the years, we have grown through developing and fostering partnerships with like-minded companies across many countries.Partnerships are prized possessions. And why not, they have been integral to so many success stories across the globe. This is big enough a reason to focus on recognizing, managing and investing in such relationships.Partnerships strengthen your collaboration across boundaries and assist integrate new businesses effectively. Partnerships aid in growing a profitable business venture, with a transformed business model. Read More

An ERP focused on Rig Operations – ebizframe for Rigs

Rig operations are one of the most difficult on-field jobs. Highly remote locations, 24x7x365 operations under extreme weather conditions, huge costly equipments, rapid movement of stores items, in-time inventory management, risky nature of operations, timely preventive and breakdown maintenance; all these challenges make it a challenging arena in the global industry. Taking care of manpower’s movement, their timely care and training is a major critical task by itself.Read More

Business @Speed of Mobile (with due apologies to Bill Gates) – Business on the Move

Bill Gates famously talked of ‘Business at the speed of thought’. This may not be true for all, but business on the move has become a reality. Nearly all smartphone or phablet owners are aware of mobile apps like Flipkart, Cleartrip, IRCTC, Freecharge, etc. and many of them have downloaded and purchased goods and services. This is new age industry reality and trade is moving to e-commerce in a big way.Read More

Dilemma for organizations choosing an ERP – Is it really so tough?

I have been in ERP field since 1995-96. It amazes me how – more we change, more we remain same! Technologies have changed, information dissemination has grown beyond imagination. Knowledge about technology is available at any level from newbee to techies. But, basic human thoughts remain rooted in doubts and expectations. More information we have, more confused we become, because we wish to have it all.Read More

Replacing a Working ERP without knowing Why — A Costly Lesson in Wasteful Expenditure.

I was told of a strange story by a friend a day back. Let me share it with my readers. Purpose of sharing this is to caution clients and vendors both to put in a little more effort in purchase/sale of a software that can have huge impact on the operations of a client. A client had been using an ERP for nearly 5-6 years. The ERP had been customized to take care of all the critical issues very well and running smoothly. Then, one day, the top management team realized that it had grown very big during the intervening years and also had commenced playing at global level. It couldn’t be seen using an Indian ERP.Read More

Are we getting chained to technology?

We have heard of addiction to technology. We have seen images of people sitting in groups, apparently on an outing and each guy/girl is looking intently into his/her cell. This is true at social level, but what about our working environment? Our obsession with speed and efficiency has encouraged technologists to offer everything in our hand through our handsets. Though it feels very convenient, have we ever thought that in this eagerness to be always at work, we have lost our peace of mind? Whether we are at work or in office or on vacation, we keep fumbling with our mobile – if you ask me honestly – generally for no reason at all.Read More

ERP on Cloud – Clearing the Fog

Cloud is the latest mantra, and rightly so. It is a force multiplier, green alternative and an answer to rising costs of Information Technology implementation across the globe. Huge corporations and mid-size organizations have drawn benefits from Cloud based technologies to reduce their costs and carbon footprint decisively by utilizing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) and Many software vendors have been able to gain new markets and large client base offering their services on SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.Read More

Top-10 ERP Benefits

The selection and successful implementation of a good ERP Solution brings many benefits for the user organization. Although it is difficult to enumerate all the benefits that accrue from an ERP implementation, we have tried to put together a list of Top-10 Benefits that we feel are relevant for an organization of any shape, size or location.

1. ERP Encourages Rapid Decision Making: An effective ERP Software ensures availability

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10-Point Approach for ERP Selection

Implementing an ERP in an organization is not like implementing just another accounting or billing software. Implementing an ERP is like a lifelong engagement of the software with the organization which involves sizeable investments and complete realignment of organization’s processes. If the implementation is not successful, it can lead to loss of productivity and waste of investments instead of increased efficiency and profits.

Selecting an ERP for any organization

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Smartphone applications refining in-car experience

Smartphones have turned around the way we used to live in the information ecosystem. Today smartphones help us communicate and connect better with every media possible whether it is text, audio or video. Smartphone applications can do things ranging from measuring your heartbeat to finding anonymous callers. The impact of smartphones is being increasingly felt in automobiles as well.

Driving has not been an entertaining a task for a

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Enterprise Automation Through ERP

Enterprise Automation:

The fundamental problem today in a mid-sized (US$ 25 M to 150M) organisations is to have control over its various business processes. Therefore, there is a lack of visibility and clarity in terms of optimizing various resources that lie within the organisations.

The impact of one business process (transaction) will always have an impact on the next or various other business processes. Since there is no control

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