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GST shouldn’t the ONLY Factor impacting your ERP Implementation Decision


Not much time has passed since India witnessed the biggest tax reform since independence i.e. the roll out of a unified tax scheme called Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST although seems to be very simple has enough complexities under the hood. Many businesses came to a halt since they were clueless about how to comply with the new tax regime. In these times of indefinites, some companies looked

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Input Tax Credit under GST – In a nutshell

GST Tax Credit

One of the most striking changes that the GST rollout has brought is in the mechanism of availing Input Tax Credit. This change is on course to not only eliminate discrepancies but to also push more taxpayers into the tax net.
Before understanding the changes done in the mechanism, let’s have an overview of Input Tax credit.  It is the credit a manufacturer receives for paying taxes on the

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Why ERP is much needed for the Oil Marketing Companies(OMCs)?

Oil Marketing Companies

OMCs have always been in the midst of changing regulations andglobally oscillating oil prices. They have to be both flexible and proactive if they want to keep up with the globally fluctuating oil prices. Another potential challenge is a geographically scattered market, which makes the implementation of their marketing schemes difficult. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing scheme and it differs from region to region, client to client and product to

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Why technology-enabled businesses will lead?

Technology should no more be seen one-dimensionally and as something which is only accountable for the sustenance of a business. Perceiving it merely as a facilitator of daily chores like Accounting or Payroll Management is a mindset that businesses are getting rid of, and rightly so. They are establishing an effective coupling with groundbreaking technologies, to strive towards innovation and excellence. This is a welcome shift in perspectives and

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Protecting yourself from Ransomware

Ransomware has hit hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, especially small businesses, who had never expected to be impacted by such a serious virus threat.

For people who are still figuring out Ransomware, it is a type of malware which encrypts the entire system and then the hacker asks for the payment in Bitcoins for decryption. Unfortunately, even if the payment is made, the chances of data recovery is

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Why Industry 4.0 can’t do without ERP?

ERP Industry 4.0

With a relentless push towards automation in manufacturing processes, it is safe to say that Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived. Industry 4.0 has roped in The Internet of Things (IoT) to drive towards the idea of a smart factory. It is a day and age where an ongoing production process involves churning out products with complex BOMs/processes coupled with the dynamic material, supply, and schedule

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ERP Migration: An Unprecedented Expedition

ERP Provider in India

An ERP System functions like the heart of the organization where it has been deployed. Multiple processes are carried out by several concurrent users using the information and functionalities provided by an ERP Software. Over a period of time, users get so accustomed to the ERP System that merely a suggestionof changing the existing ERP System literally pulls the rug from beneath their feet. Some users are so comfortable

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Why GST requires serious planning?


With GST deadline just a few weeks away, significant structural changes are being scripted for India’s tax structure. Underestimating the gravity of such changes and taking GST just as another tax or a tax rate change can backfire in your business in a big way. The implementation of GST will require some serious homework, considering the paradigm shift in the way returns and tax computation will be affected. There are

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Should You Customize Your ERP?

It has always been a million dollar question for enterprises, whether to go for customizing an ERP software or make changes to their business processes to align with the standards of the software. It is a tough call to make as their core processes are instrumental in giving them a competitive edge. So, they may end up giving away that edge by modifying their processes, instead of customizing the

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Why Enterprises shouldn’t hold Back Integrating ERP and CRM?


Traditionally ERP and CRM Systems have continued to deliver exclusive streams of information effectively. Clubbing these exclusive data streams by integrating ERP with CRM Systems is now catching the attention of industry experts. Such an integration would enable enterprises to conduct enhanced analysis resulting in improved Sales Forecasting, Better Inventory Management and building more durable and  satisfied customer relationships.
Such an integrated system will also make the multi-dimensional analysis

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How IoT will pave the way for an intelligent ERP?

IoT (Internet of Things) propagates the idea of things (Devices) communicating with other things (Devices) through a channel of sensors, with a minimal role of any human element. The influx of such data into an ERP Software will be a game changer, resonating perfectly with the requisites of the inter-connected world. To strike coherence with IoT, future ERP Systems ought to be more open so that they can process

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ERP in Post-GST Scenario

GST ready software

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been the talk of the town since it was first introduced in 2011. This has been a much awaited move for the entire business fraternity and is being seen as the biggest economic reform since liberalization in 1991. Every business, big or small, transporter or manufacturer is eagerly waiting to experience the benefits the new tax regime proposes to bring to their

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Discrete v/s Process Manufacturing: Clearing the Fog

erp solution company

Discrete and Process Manufacturing are two different kinds of businesses within Manufacturing. Discrete Manufacturing is all about production of distinct items like computers, furniture, appliances, etc. These are very different from the products of Process Manufacturing which are homogeneous like glue, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oil, gas, etc. Products of Discrete Manufacturing can be taken apart as they are assembled by nuts, bolts, etc. This makes the operations of Discrete Manufacturers

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Signs your company is ready for a new ERP


Is your ERP investment not delivering the expected results? Are employees complaining of ERP inefficiencies and lost information? Is the system unable to change with your growing business needs or is it inflexible and hindering the company processes? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, it is time to look for a change.
There is just no point in creating and continuing with such a situation,

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The Not Either/Or of Smelling the Roses

Most of us embrace and appreciate the idea of taking unplanned detours, savouring those special spontaneous moments with loved ones, listening to our favourite playlist, hearing the music of birds chirping, but how many times do we actually do it? We are all so caught up in our work and families that we hardly ever stop by and smell the roses.Read More

Software is YOUR Business

I am fortunate that my job gives me opportunities to meet many CEOs and Owner-Managers. Most times, these top managers are masters at what they do and run their companies very successfully. However, the moment I start talking to them about software, and how it can help transform their organizations, I can see their defences going up, and many of them smiling, tell me that they don’t understand software and that software is not their business.Read More

ERP – A Cost or a Fixed Deposit (FD) with min. 50% returns?

“Well Guys…..How much will this cost us?”. This is the first question that a Managing Director (MD) will typically ask the team when they bring up a proposal of buying an ERP System for the organization. Unfortunately ERPs have been seen to be a “Cost” which will simplify life or make critical information available to everyone at the click of a button so that people are more organized, more customer centric, etc. etc. etc….Read More

Our Success Through Partnerships

Over the years, we have grown through developing and fostering partnerships with like-minded companies across many countries.Partnerships are prized possessions. And why not, they have been integral to so many success stories across the globe. This is big enough a reason to focus on recognizing, managing and investing in such relationships.Partnerships strengthen your collaboration across boundaries and assist integrate new businesses effectively. Partnerships aid in growing a profitable business venture, with a transformed business model. Read More

An ERP focused on Rig Operations – ebizframe for Rigs

Rig operations are one of the most difficult on-field jobs. Highly remote locations, 24x7x365 operations under extreme weather conditions, huge costly equipments, rapid movement of stores items, in-time inventory management, risky nature of operations, timely preventive and breakdown maintenance; all these challenges make it a challenging arena in the global industry. Taking care of manpower’s movement, their timely care and training is a major critical task by itself.Read More