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Automation Industry in India is Now On board ebizframe ERP

About the Client

The client’s company run and managed by professionals, renowned in the Automation industry in their respective area of expertise. They provide comprehensive solutions, under one roof, meeting all Electrical and Automation needs of their customers. Some of the solutions offered cover application of PLC, DCS, Electrical Drives, MCC, PCC, and Instrumentation. The industries served primarily are Paper Mills, Steel Rolling Mills, Cement Plants, Water Management, Captive Power Plants, Process Plants, and Manufacturing Industries etc. Being an Engineer to Order (ETO) Company, it has a long timeline to produce large, highly customized products to specific customer specifications.

In ETO, the engineering requirements/specifications are not known in detail in Customer’s PO. There is a substantial amount of design and engineering analysis required to execute the order. ETO is a stark contrast to the Made to Order (MTO) companies who typically have a fixed design and specifications to start with at the customer’s order stage. In MTO, the existing design is largely followed, even if the customer requests some customization of dimensions or materials.

Pre-Implementation Scenario

The client was using Tally for Finance and Excel for managing other departments and hence was not able to automate their Manufacturing processes and other business processes. The management at the client was specifically concerned about BOM management, High inventory carrying costs, Order costing and Timely order execution. The order was won against some very tough competition from products like SAP HANA and BaaN.

Solution Choice

The client has opted for the following functionalities of ebizframe10:

  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Materials Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • HCM
  • Projects

Benefits from ebizframe 10 Implementation

The client is looking forward to obtaining the following benefits from the use of ebizframe ERP:

  • Cost control
  • Order planning and management
  • Inventory levels
  • Min-Max planning
  • BOM management
  • Management of multiple versions/specs/manufacturer of the same item
  • Control on inventory carrying cost and overall cost
  • Post-sales support

For more information on how ebizframe can help you transform your business, please leave your contact details in the contact form or mail us at marketing@essindia.com.