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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Automate redundant and repetitive tasks and increase business productivity

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is an innovative technology using which repetitive, high volume, mechanical and arduous tasks can be assigned to a virtual operator or ‘robot’ rather than a human being. Tasks that are performed by a human being in a robot-like manner, without applying too much thought or without using any discretionary thinking, can be performed by software robots. RPA frees up your skilled staff for tasks where their experience and intelligence can be put to better, more productive use.

UiPath RPA Service Provider

Robotic Process Automation

As a leading provider of RPA technology, UiPath enables global business to manage a full-fledged digital workforce that mimics employees in administering rules-based tasks, freeing their employees from the daily routine of rote work.  Our end-to-end RPA services enable our clients to understand current automation levels and discover opportunities for reducing operational cost and increasing productivity.
Our highly skilled UiPath RPA experts will work with you to continuously identify processes suitable for automation, develop automation workflows and help sustain your robot workforce.

Benefits of RPA

Reduces Human Error: 

RPA is quick, reliable & cost effective as it works faster, up to 24 hours a day, makes absolutely no mistakes, reduces costs, and documents all work impeccably.

Enhanced Customer Experience: 

Since bots can work 24×7, there are no delays in transactions with your global customers. Through RPA, tasks which may take several days can be completed within a few hours.

Integration with existing system 

Bots will work as one of your employees, on the softwares already integrated in your organization. Thus, no or minimal changes required to your existing systems.

Increased Productivity:

With the help of these software bots, you can easily reduce the pressure on your organization by channelizing the human efforts into more productive tasks which require human discretion.

Where can RPA be applied?

RPA can be used for completing and executing mundane tasks like completing invoice processing, Opening invoice email from the supplier and printing it for records, or placing purchase orders, matching the POs and the invoice, verifying if that quantity delivered matches what is mentioned in the invoice, calculating tax, picking out data from external data sources and so on. With a thriving marketplace of ready-to-deploy, software bots, there is no limit to their usage and benefits.

Processes that can be easily automated with RPA

High Volume

Repetitive Tasks

Manual Data Entry

Multiple Legacy Systems

Logic & Rules Based Processes

High FTE Required

Which industries use RPA?

Any industry or business unit can reap the benefits of RPA.  RPA is being used to automate various processes in industries like Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare,Manufacturing, Retail, BPA, and many more.

How Does RPA Work?

Let us have a look at an example to understand the potential of RPA for a business.

We set up RPA by training the RPA ‘bots’. We do this by letting software bots ‘watch’ our actions while we complete tasks. These tasks can be opening emails, copy-pasting fields, adding data, and so on. From this, the bots learn how to complete those tasks (simply by replicating our actions). Also, since RPA works on a user interface level, it can effectively sit on top of your existing systems. This means that it can navigate between different apps and programs just like you can. It uses the screens that you use; works with the same front-end options you work with. With RPA, trained bots deliver the same results as humans; however, in a much faster and efficient manner.

ESS as an RPA service provider

ESS has extensive experience across application services and infrastructure management with a deep understanding of implementation, and support with respect to critical processes and underlying infrastructure. ESS team comprises RPA experts who have worked for clients across industry verticals.

Contact us to get RPA solutions already set up to take on business functions such as invoice processing, account reconciliation, sales orders, hiring and on-boarding, etc.

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