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ebizframe ERP Software in Tanzania

ERP TanzaniaDomestic, as well as foreign investment, indeed proves to be an effective tool to mobilize and ramp-up national resources, which in turn boosts the national economy. Keeping this in mind, concerted initiatives have been taken in order to speed up the liberalization of the Tanzanian economy by promoting domestic and foreign private investment in Africa in general and Tanzania in particular. One such important strategy to enhance the competitiveness of Tanzanian enterprises is to deploy an effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in major industries like agro-based enterprises, mining, oil refineries, timber production, cement, fertilizer production units, etc. Opting for this specialized system helps maintain required standards as well as help improve management and administration. ERP helps automate and rationalize all industrial processes in an enterprise, thereby enhancing its efficiency and productivity.

It is imperative for every business entity to ensure optimal utilization, allocation as well as monitoring of its resources, product inventories, accounts, expenses as well as revenue. An ERP system Tanzania is indeed effectual for both small as well as large enterprises to get a definite control over all business processes along with ensuring optimum levels of management and control across all departments and operational locations. By managing various business processes, speed and precision are achieved in transactions, which further enhances quality as well as productivity levels.

An ERP system helps business entities in organizing a number of specialized processes like production, quality assurance, workforce management ERP, sales, business development, finance, and accounting ERP, human resources and payroll ERP Tanzania, management of consumer relations, etc. so as to foster its overall growth.

ebizframe is indeed a trusted name when it comes to a versatile and powerful ERP system for enterprises on a global level. This software helps in the management of numerous activities in a methodical manner including managing raw material inventories, production and manufacturing process, sales as well as business reporting. Work in various branches situated in different locations is managed in a centralized manner. This software performs a dual function, i.e. all your financial accounting activities are integrated on one side, while on the other, all business activities and allied operations are conducted in conformity and compliance with all taxation related rules and regulations as well as other municipal laws.

ebizframe ERP software is specially designed with advanced features so as to ensure seamless compatibility with web applications as well as mail server systems, attendance recording process, bar coding, checkout terminals, etc. This software helps improve communication between various operational areas so as to ensure better collaboration of activities to advance towards desired organizational goals.

Some ebizframe modules can be enlisted as follows:

  • Sales & Distribution ERP.
  • Procurement.
  • Materials Management.
  • Production.
  • Finance and Accounts.
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence (XLenz)
  • Management Dashboards
  • Other customized modules including Point-of-Sale terminals, Customer Care and relations management, System Administrator, Executive Information System for decision making, etc.

The salient features proffered by ebizframe can be enumerated as follows:

  • Oracle-powered system.
  • A 3-tier structure making it suitable for the intranet as well as an extranet.
  • Easy to use and customize multi-lingual and rapid implementation.
  • Localization feature for application in diverse global territories.
  • Automated processes.
  • Easy integration with various third-party applications.

ebizframe ERP Tanzania is also equipped with XLenz, which is an advanced reporting cum Business Intelligence (BI) Tool, with intrinsic business aptitude. This tool effectually amalgamates dynamic features proffered by MS-Excel, thereby imparting this software with a much-required ease of use, so that individuals can make use of it even without any technical training.

ebizframe ERP – Partner in Tanzania’s Development

ERP Software Tanzaniaebizframe ERP is the mid-segment ERP Leader across Central and East Africa with over 100 successful implementations across industry verticals. ebizframe ERP has steadfastly stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tanzanian enterprise for many years now. It has played a significant role in exposing Tanzanian companies to the world’s latest technology solutions whilst seamlessly automating their operations and giving them a decisive competitive edge over their peers.

ebizframe ERP has had several success stories in Tanzania over the years. Some noteworthy case studies are as follows:

1. ebizframe ERP automates operations of Tanzania based Mining Construction Company. To read the complete case study, please click here

2. Tanzania’s Leading Diverse Business Group employing 20,000+ people opts for ebizframe ERP. For further details, please click here

3. Tanzania Subsidiary of one of India’s biggest automotive company deploys ebizframe ERP to automate its operations and provide complete control to the management with enhanced customer satisfaction. For more details, please click here

For more information about how this software can optimize business processes as well as streamline information flow in a cost-effective manner, visit http://www.essindia.com/ebizframe-erp-software. You can also view our demonstration online by simply sending us an email at marketing@essindia.com.