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Open Source Technology

genericOpen source is fast becoming integral to business – a tangible alternative in helping organizations develop applications they need to achieve high reliability and quality at low cost of ownership. With a strong foundation of underlying tools and technologies, open source technology is proving itself as a powerhouse behind operational effectiveness, IT innovation and business value creation. Open Source Software development had its beginnings in UNIX open systems, but disseminated throughout the world of software technology mostly in the last decade. As organizations shifted large amounts of processing from large, mid-range proprietary platforms to more affordable open systems, open source systems and software have continued to evolve and drive evolution.

The Value of Open Source Software in Enterprise IT

As open source communities have moved from centralised repositories to distributed hierarchies, enterprises have gained to realize the potential for emergent innovation and opportunity.

We help organizations assess the need and help them adopt open software enterprise wide in a manner that complements their need. generic-2Doing so helps them achieve their business requirements, and facilitates a competitive advantage through significantly reduced costs and, increased flexibility in deployment.

In addition to providing a solid basis for new systems that need to scale, open source software model also offers – high quality products, rich feature sets and a lower risk threshold than proprietary applications. Thanks to its development, open source software has become a real alternative to many proprietary software products that enterprises currently use.

By starting the open source journey with prudently selected components and technologies (such as Java, PHP, Perl, Apache, Cold Fusion etc.), ESS helps organizations capture and maximize the value of implementing solutions on Linux-based platforms – that deliver bottom-line benefits on both, the operating system level and the application server level.

Open Source Service Offering

ESS has a wide range of expertise and experience in Open Source Development. To support tighter web integration of client applications, ESS provides services on the following frameworks and tools.

  • Open Source Frameworks: To build web applications that are simpler, faster and require less code we use frameworks like – CakePhp, RoR, Yii, Flex etc that come with a plethora of built-in procedures that help you build your applications rapidly.
  • Content Management Systems: More than just publishing content CMS systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc. help manage, aggregate & publish your data.
  • E-Commerce Platforms: Modular architectures and unprecedented flexibility of popular E-commerce platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, osCommerce, Zen Cart, Virtue Mart etc. helps deal with billion dollar online transactions each month.
  • Enterprise Tools: Open Source softwares such as Compiere, Sugar CRM, VTiger CRM leverages the benefits of open source software and adds more value to enable sales, support, marketing and decision making teams to organize and collaborate effectively.
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems: We deploy open source Enterprise Content Management Systems like Alfresco and other leading ECM’s enabling you to store, manage, reuse and share content effectively enterprise wide. It provides a platform for content services with other business applications increasing productivity and decision making.
  • Document Management Systems: Enabling organizations and users to effectively manage, store, search & share documents with open source document management systems like Knowledge Tree, Logicaldoc, OpenKm and other leading DMS.

We have a proven track record of developing and implementing web solutions for customers across the globe. ESS is a SEI CMM Level 5 company and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. If you are looking to Open Source application development, please get in touch with our Software Development team at marketing@essindia.com.