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Social Networking & Collaborations for the New Generation Workforce

social-media-applicationSocial media has entered into our everyday working life. Use of social media for instant information sharing brings interesting options to us, like integrating it into our IT business systems to ensure greater collaboration in the workplace.  Social media can help companies run more effectively, enhance areas of learning and talent development; and areas such as knowledge and change management.

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) is building custom social networking and collaboration websites that enable businesses to stay connected to their workforces and users alike with instant share of ideas and conversations.  Social networking software allows users to converse and act as a community for blogs, file sharing, activity streams, forums, videos, music, groups and other social shares.

ESS can build open interactive communities for social networking as well as niche social networking websites on many verticals like travel, healthcare, education, entertainment or any other vertical.  These websites contain features like user profile, scraps & updates, content & link sharing, messaging, chat, sub-groups, forums, etc. They also have functions to integrate with other web 2.0 platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Slide Share, You Tube, mails like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. using their API. ESS also implements enhanced security settings in these websites so users can control their online privacy.

Potential Uses of Social Media

Use social media to raise the level of general communication values, as anyone can contact anyone sans hierarchy with transparency.  Easy accessibility increases and develops lifestyle and opportunity, and enhances motivation with improved career advancement.  At ESS our development teams understand and use the values associated with social media. We have attained immense insight to ensure successful implementation of social media.

Our Experience in Social Networking Website Development

  • At ESS taking a lead in technology adoption is a way of life. We have successfully built and integrated social networking websites for customers in many domains.
  • In the healthcare sector, ESS developed a social networking website on mother and infant care. This social-networkingknowledge based portal on parenthood and baby care, offers a collaboration platform for parents and experts to form an interactive community through several online Web 2.0 driven tools and applications.
  • ESS developed a social networking website for French speaking travel community which assists travellers make better decisions through collaboration with each other. This AJAX based social networking website enabled members to share travelogues, pictures, video, review & rate tourist destinations, hotels & travel agencies.
  • ESS has also developed an online communication channel that has empowered the artists’ community in Africa to network and socialize with each other. This beautifully crafted social networking web design connects Africans through M.A.D.E (Music, Arts, Dance and Edutainment) and also provides the folks with a platform to showcase their talent.

If you are looking to develop a social networking website, please get in touch with our Software Development Team at marketing@essindia.com.