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Mobile Application Development

Mobility Matters

Customers are engaging more and more with mobile phones/tablets for information and transactions, which is increasing their mobile expectations multi-fold. Eastern Software Systems (ESS) helps you to meet and exceed thesemobile app development in india expectations. ESS’ Mobile Development Teams are making the right moves in building mobile strategies that will give you and your user an edge.

Mobile Platforms

Whether you choose an iPhone App or an Android App or both, we have the right solution for you. Need a native or custom app or a cross-platform responsive web app? We support mobility and application software services across a wide range of devices and platforms that also include Blackberry®, Linux, BREW, and Windows® Mobiles. In today’s business scenario, we offer customers cross platform and responsive mobile web-apps as a powerful tool to get an edge over the competition.

Corporate Mobility for Workforce Productivity

It’s time to develop a corporate mobile strategy that provides an enterprise continuity and integrates with the corporate ERP Systems. Today smartphones function both as our phone and our computer. This has reduced the need to be desk locked for information, or updates or reporting, or approvals. Today the workforce works even while on the go from anywhere; whether from shop floors, or on premises, or on other locations, or clients’ office or simply away for any other reason.

Mobility can make a huge difference to your enterprise by making your workforce’s responses easier and faster. Mobile is poised to overtake fixed desktop experiences as more and more consumers are increasingly spending time on their smartphones and tablets. The question is whether your business is ready with mobility? We can provide you with solutions that are versatile and scalable, stable and maintainable, user friendly and SEO ready.

Mobile Apps for Business Growth

mobile-appMobile Apps are highly interactive and they have made life easier, faster and colourful. A Forrester study aptly sums up: “The gap will increase between marketing leaders who re-engineer their businesses to deliver mobile moments and the majority of marketing executives.”

A highly interactive mobile app will not only deliver faster business expansions but will also enable you to reach markets that were so far not tapped. The better you serve your customers, the better will be your business. Your customers’ experience will see a sea change with mobile applications. It is a known fact that businesses that offer mobile apps for their customer’s interaction have seen substantial growth in their revenue and changed the way of doing business.

Our Mobile Application Development starts with a detailed analysis of our clients’ real requirements that enables us to constructively design and develop the app with an appropriate technology. Once the app is ready it goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure it works error free.  We then launch your app according to latest trend to gain maximum users’ attention.

Looking to enhance your mobility?

ESS’ 360° approach to your solution offers cost efficient and reliable mobile development services. Our expert team provides real solutions that meet your business objectives fully. We bring acute knowledge and proficiency in developing applications with a proven track record of developing and implementing application development solutions for customers in more than 20 business verticals across the globe. ESS is a CMM Level 5 and ISO 9001:2015 certified Company and this helps us provide quality development of software on various platforms and technologies.