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Mobile BI Application Development for a Leading ERP Company

Client Profile

Client is a leading ERP product company based out of India. Client has 800+ clients with a presence in more than 25 countries. The product has been baselined for more than 20 business verticals.

Business Situation

Customer was looking to extend the Business Intelligence tool on mobile devices which would help the organization manage large amounts of data, extracting pertinent information, and turning that information into vital decision enabling tool for senior management.

Solution Offered by ESS

The proposed solution was to develop the BI mobile application onAndroid 2.3.x & 4.0 and IPhone 4 & 4S.
Key Features of BI tools were:-

  1. Graphical Analytics:
    • It has several in-built graphs and dashboards.
    • Users can change graph types or re-configure the dashboards.
  2. Users can create new graphs/dashboards from the presented data and use them to create personalized templates area.
  3. Decision Support Tool:
    • Enables easy data comparison and trends
    • Enables flexible and multi-level reporting
    • Enables Exception reporting (To Identify exceptions in huge heaps of data).

As the mobile screen is small, so intuitive user interface was designed and finalized after prototype trails.
ESS used native platform of Android & IPhone OS and used multi gesture interface & framework to support BI tool application.
Android mobile solution was developed to support multiple resolutions of variety of handsets using device independent pixels framework.


ERP Company achieved numerous benefits from the BI tool developed by ESS .
Key benefits are:-

  • The ability to work seamlessly with virtually any commonly-used handheld device
  • Access to real-time corporate data – not just “canned” or pre-run reports
  • Maximum flexibility, so mobile users can access, run, and interact with reports in any way needed
  • Customer can save and share reports that you create
  • Advanced security, to keep confidential corporate information – such as data contained in financial reports – secure from unauthorized access

BI Mobile Application is not just a reporting tool—it’s a whole lot more. Business intelligence gives you a much better and deep insight into your data and helps you take critical decisions for running your business.

Looking to develop Mobile Application

If you are looking to develop a Mobile Application, please get in touch with our Software Development team at marketing@ebizframe.com .