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Case Study: Mobile Home Surveillance Application

Client Profile

Client is a pioneer in the field of electronic security systems. They have operations in more than 5 countries. Client provides services in the areas of CCTV surveillance system, access control system & multi-apartment video door phones systems.

Business Situation

Client was interested to upgrade their home surveillance system by providing accessibility of their system from mobile devices. The client has DVR recording system which works in offline mode.

Client wanted to enable their solution for Wi-fi mode and provide the mobile application access to real time video streams and generate alerts in case of motion detections / thefts.

Solution Provided by ESS

ESS provided the following solutions for Android / IPhone Mobile devices.

  • UPnP based Auto discovery of Camera and encoder/Gyroscope/accelerometer for camera movement.
  • Movement of Camera using pan and tilt
  • Controls and the landscape & portrait modes you can get 360′ live picture
  • Intuitive interface makes it easier to use and navigate
  • Zoom and Pinch Gesture.
  • Capture snapshot of running video.
  • Smart graphics & Work flow with excellent Application User interface.
  • Universal application methodology for better maintainability
  • Multiple gesture recognition – swipe, zoom, pinch into accurate camera movement

Platforms supported: – Android 2.3/3.x/4.0 and Apple iOS 4.0/5.0


    • Real time monitoring
    • Saved time and money by avoiding trips to your store or business or home
    • Increased productivity and cost savings. There is no need to be in front of the

computer, such as in a retail store or a construction site or university campus etc.

  • Remote monitoring and BI (Business Intelligence) with a touch of a button

Looking to Mobile Application Development

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