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SMAC Fusion is making Disruptive changes in Digital Business

SMAC, a word coined by Gartner, is an acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Technologies that, when considered together, have created disruptive changes or ‘Nexus of Forces’ that have altered the entire technology solutions approach. Forrester called it “The Mobile Mind-set” and IDC, “The Third Platform”. Each component of SMAC individually has bought big changes to business but collectively it’s driving a paradigm shift in business strategy.

Top consulting firms assert that software solutions that don’t take SMAC into account are doomed and solutions developed prior to this critical change are dinosaurs that may not survive the new age.

Let us understand each of the SMAC services separately:


Social Media enables interaction while building a trail of data on preferences and relationships.  Every time you “like” something you generate data that might influence someone else’s choices.  These interactions benefit users in the social network by giving them timely feedback and commentary. This data trail provides insights into a particular product or service. It can also set a trend and sentiment in the network.

It is possible now for enterprise solutions to interact with people outside the organizational ecosystem through Social Media. It is easier to reach out to the market using these tools to get information, materials and people for your organization faster than through formal channels.


Mobile technology and mobile phones have brought customers closer to goods and services vendors. It allows businesses to have a deeper engagement both with customers and vendors. The advent of smartphones has enabled businesses to deliver a more robust context of goods as well as services. High context interactions raise customer engagement, speed up transactions and resolution of issues, giving more satisfaction to the customers.


Technologies like Big Data, Data Science and Predictive Analysis are advancing business concepts beyond the conventional Business Intelligence. These forces are bringing in a new level of analytics to create new business values through more focused and targeted business decisions.


Cloud computing provides high availability, flexibility in deployment and easy scalability as per business requirements apart from being environment friendly. It provides global access with better security than in-house servers that are exposed to global users. With better telecom and disaster management infrastructure available now, they provide far greater value for money. Most cloud based technologies are device agnostic and operating system independent, thus giving easy access to diverse users.


SMAC is a real catalyst of growth, more so for SMEs, which can save hugely by moving to cloud from on-premises solutions. These benefits of SMAC are obvious:

  • Improves Marketing RoI (Return on Investment) through targeted campaigns.
  • Easier identification of newer business opportunities and improve Sales.
  • Increase customer loyalty by improving customer conversations and personalised and prompt customer interactions.
  • Decrease customer service costs through self-help communities and forums.
  • Rapid response to any negative reactions from your customers.

ESS Moves Forward with SMAC

At Eastern Software Systems (ESS) we believe that the clients should have access to the latest in technology and trends that IT can bring to their business. Adding SMAC power creates a huge business value that can also change the business model itself.
With SMAC you create a whole new dimension of inter-personal, intra and inter-organization behaviour and reduce response cycle-time.
It links everything via Internet, puts you on a futuristic platform where everything is tracked, measured and feedback is added into the system.
ESS has added this dimension to their latest ERP offering, thus arming clients with the advantage of the latest technologies.