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About ebizframe ERP Nigeria

ebizframe ERP is a modular, web-enabled, multi-lingual, multi-currency ERP Suite having a leadership presence in Nigeria for over 8 years. It has been successfully implemented in Nigeria across Logistics, Manufacturing, Distribution, Plastics, Networking and several other industry verticals. ebizframe ERP is an extremely mature product, developed using the world’s most advanced technology platforms yet is surprisingly affordable. It can be quickly customized to fulfill industry-specific and country-specific requirements and implemented rapidly, thus ensuring a much faster Return on Investment (RoI). Globally, ebizframe ERP has been successfully implemented at 1,000+ customers in 30 countries and is being used by 30,000+ users today. ebizframe ERP is exclusively marketed in Nigeria by Eastern Software Systems’ Joint Venture Company and Nigeria’s leading IT Solutions and Systems Integrator Company – Lexcel MS Technologies Ltd. (www.lexceltech.com).

erp software nigeria

ERP Nigeria

ebizframe ERP is the flagship product of Eastern Software Systems (ESS), a 25 Year old leading I.T. Solutions and Services Company, founded in India and having a presence in 30 countries. ESS offers cutting-edge yet affordable software technology solutions and services to its clients with an absolute commitment for stringent quality driven processes ensuring complete customer satisfaction. ESS is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is also assessed at SEI CMM Level 5. 

ebizframe’s contribution in Nigeria’s Growth

Ineffective monitoring of inventory, obsolete account figures, rising costs,
reduced revenues and constrained resources are some of the most complex issues Nigerian industry is trying to deal with today. What we need is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that suits our specific requirements. Even the smaller or mid-sized businesses also stand to benefit from the implementation of an ERP system Nigeria at the outset to gain the advantage of controlling costs, experiencing enhanced operational efficiency in management and accelerating informed decision-making.

The ERP system helps manufacturers, distributors, businesses in logistics and shipping to manage functions such as production, quality, human resource management, marketing, sales, billing, accounting and customer relationship management.

nigeria erpThe main purpose of an ERP system Nigeria is to help in automating business processes, encouraging inter and intra-departmental collaboration and consolidating and centralizing the flow of information. This makes it easier for decision-makers to access information in real time in the form of a variety of reports from across all the functions in an enterprise and to arrive at logical and informed decisions faster. The efficiency brought by the system not only brings absolute clarity but helps in avoiding the wastage of critical resources and leads to cost savings across all departments.

ebizframe ERP is designed to integrate flawlessly with applications such as Mail Server, Attendance Recording Systems, Point of Sale (PoS) Terminals, etc. ebizframe also gives quick insights into various modules with the help of graphical dashboards.

Some of the finest features offered by ebizframe ERP can be listed as following:

·         Powered By Oracle-one of the leaders in database products
·         Uses 3-tier architecture—Can be deployed in Intranet as well as Extranet
·         Customizable, Intuitive, Easy-to-use
·         Offers the power of maintaining multiple businesses across multiple geographies, currencies and languages
·         Automated workflows
·         Easy to integrate seamlessly with diverse third party applications

To know how we can help businesses optimize their processes, streamline the flow of information and save costs and viewing an online demo of ebizframe ERP, visit our website ebizframe – ESS India. You can also send us an e-mail at marketing@essindia.com for more information.