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Smartphone applications refining in-car experience

Smartphones have turned around the way we used to live in the information ecosystem. Today smartphones help us communicate and connect better with every media possible whether it is text, audio or video. Smartphone applications can do things ranging from measuring your heartbeat to finding anonymous callers. The impact of smartphones is being increasingly felt in automobiles as well.

Driving has not been an entertaining a task for a very long time except, when you are savoring the drive of a luxury vehicle. Music and radio have been the only modes of entertainment for the inmates with limited updates about traffic jams or weather. Smartphones like in every other area have revolutionized the in-car experience of drivers as well as passengers. This has paved the way for enhanced security, entertainment, navigation and convenience. Consumers expect to remain connected through their cars as they do with their smartphones.
Smartphones applications can help you find food, save money or suggest you better routes. Here is what they can do.

Find restaurant: Mobile applications can help you find restaurants while you drive. Some of the dedicated applications can even fetch you the menu and discounts available.

Suggest parking spots: Mobile applications can assist you in finding public and private parking spots. This application is beneficial when you are travelling to a new city or area.

Help save on gas: Travelling miles to get cheap fuel might incur more cost than savings. Mobile applications can suggest you gas stations with their rates and also suggest you cheapest gas station.

This is just the beginning. With continuous progression in smartphone technology, applications are being designed to cater more complex areas.

Smartphone is emerging as a tool for gathering data on driving habits. Recently an insurance company launched an Android application that not only measures acceleration and braking, but also cornering. This data will be further used for providing Usage Based Insurance (UBI).

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014, in Barcelona, automobile major’s unveiled new technologies such as cloud connectivity to vehicles, enhanced safety for young drivers with parents regulating essential systems of car like radio music system etc.

We have also joined hands with one of the largest automobile companies to develop state of art applications for their infotainment platform and also providing integration services to other third party application developers.
With new and advanced technologies coming up, we can say that smartphones will continue to refine the way we interact and connect with our cars…..

Contributed By: ESS Marketing Communication Team.