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ERP in Kenya

About ebizframe ERP

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software is essentially a
software which automates and effortlessly integrates all the departments in an enterprise on a single platform. This ensures that critical information and data, needed to take well-considered business decisions, is available seamlessly and in real time. Like all other software solutions, ERP has also evolved and refined over the years keeping in mind the changing global business environment and user needs. Today, a mature ERP Solution is not only having web-enabled, multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities but should also offer several powerful features like Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics, Social Media Collaboration, Device Agnostics, etc. It should also be easily adaptable to industry-specific requirements.

An ERP System is modular so that customers on a tight budget can decide on implementing it module by module rather than getting worried about the costs involved in an enterprise-wide ERP deployment. A powerful ERP Software can be implemented rapidly thereby ensuring the customer a faster RoI (Return on Investment) and a much greater and quicker impact on the company’s profitability by cutting wastage and overheads and ramping up enterprise-wide operational efficiency.

Why is ERP absolutely essential?

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In an increasingly globally competitive and extremely challenging business environment it is imperative that any enterprise always functions at peak efficiency levels and its senior management is geared up to take well informed business decisions in real time. In addition to several other benefits, an ERP System provides the following critical benefits:

1. ERP Catalyzes Rapid Decision MakingERP plays a critical role in providing the senior management of an enterprise with consolidated, accurate and meaningful information in real time thus enabling them to take critical business decisions in the shortest possible time.

2. Enhanced Data SecurityAn ERP System has multiple levels of security and access control mechanisms which can be configured as per the needs of an enterprise. This ensures that there is minimal possibility of data theft, unauthorized access, etc. Additionally, the transnational data of an enterprise is stored securely and backed up frequently thereby eliminating the possibility of data loss.

3.Significant Reduction in Human ErrorsAn ERP seeks information from its user in a standardized format and does not allow incomplete information to be saved until all the mandatory fields have been filled. This ensures that only accurate data is stored in an enterprise and data entry errors are completely eliminated right at the source. Research studies have shown that an effective ERP is responsible in reducing human errors by as much as 60-70%.

You can read more about the benefits an ERP brings to an organization by clicking: Top-10-ERP-benefits.

About ebizframe ERP

ebizframe ERP is a modular, web-enabled, multi-lingual, multi-currency ERP Suite having a leadership presence in Kenya for over 15 years. It has been successfully implemented in Kenya across Sugar, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Chemicals, Plastics, Auto Components and several other industry verticals. ebizframe ERP is an extremely mature product, developed using the world’s most advanced technology platforms. It can be quickly configured to fulfill industry-specific and country-specific requirements and implemented rapidly, thus ensuring a much faster Return on Investment (RoI). Globally, ebizframe ERP has been successfully implemented for 1,000+ customers in 25 countries and is being used by 30,000+ users today.

ebizframe ERP’s involvement in Kenya’s Growth Story

ebizframe ERP has been a significant contributor in the economic growth and development of Kenya and its enterprise. ebizframe ERP has enabled many Kenyan companies to seamlessly automate their business processes, reduce overheads and become globally competitive. ebizframe ERP brings with it the power and versatility of the world’s most advanced technologies and enables Kenyan enterprises to reap its benefits. It has been developed using world’s best practices and also has various Kenya-specific functionalities built-in. ebizframe ERP is implemented and supported locally direct by its creator, Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. It is therefore not surprising that ebizframe ERP has been recognized as one of the leading ERP Systems at various forums globally including the Computer Society of Kenya.

To know more about how ebizframe ERP can help you transform your business, please write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com.