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How Repetitive Tasks Are Hurting Your Business

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Repetitive activities are a major concern for businesses since they result in a loss of revenue and a reduction in output. Many firms rely on manual processes, which limit their growth and causes them to miss out on opportunities. Employees are affected by these redundant tasks as well. 90% of employees despise working on monotonous tasks that do not add any value to their roles. In this blog, we will discuss How Repetitive Tasks Hurting Your Business.

“The relationship between technology and people has to change in the future for the better, and I think RPA is one of the great tools to enable that change.”Leslie Willcocks, Professor of technology, work, and globalization at the London School of Economics

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA?)

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the process of automating business processes. It is accomplished through software “bots”, which save time for employees while also reducing the possibility of human error. Robotic process automation bots take care of clerical activities that are repetitive and rule-based, such as entering data, purchasing supplies, sending delivery alerts, etc. These software robots are designed to communicate with current systems using a set of written commands, simulating what humans would do manually. Essentially, robotic process automation teaches software bots to quickly, accurately, and without breaks replicate human motions to do a series of tasks.

How repetitive tasks are hurting your business

Lack in Business Growth

If your job does not push your employees to be creative, they will cease giving their best effort after a certain time, as they are stuck doing the same monotonous activity everyday. Due to a lack of innovation, the scenario is impeding corporate growth. RPA boosts productivity by allowing robots to complete more tasks in less time, reduces errors, and eventually leads to a more efficient company.

Probability of Fatal Errors

Human error becomes more likely when performing manual, monotonous tasks. Because of the nature of the duties, workers feel they understand their work well, which often leads them to make mistakes in repetitive jobs.  Any errors in acitivities like data input, processing invoices, checking data entries, etc. Can potentially cost the organization a lot of month money. Businesses can leverage RPA software bots to streamline the workflow and ensure that activities are completed on time and without errors.

Repetitive Tasks Kill Creativity and Innovation

Repetitive tasks affect organizational health at all levels. 70 percent of managers said that manual processes take away time from strategic thinking, according to a 2016 study by Service Now. As a result of artificial intelligence and machine learning, today’s advanced bots are also capable of completing complex tasks with ease. The result is not only an increase in your organization’s efficiency but also an increase in its overall capacity.

Implementing RPA gives employees more time for complex tasks, collaboration with others, engagement with the management, and generally higher productivity.

How RPA helps  managing and streamlining repetitive processes and increase overall efficiency of the organization

Even though many organizations still rely on manual processes, those who take the time to look closely can see the danger it poses. Robotic process automation not only improves an existing process, but also solves existing business problems and prepares organizations for the future.

Some of the benefits of Robotic Process Automation for your organization are:

  • Process cycles times are much faster compared to manual
  • Bots are available 24/7, hence, your work can continue without interruption
  • Routine tasks are performed the same way every time, without error
  • Bots follow regulatory compliance rules and provide an audit trail history
  • Underlying legacy systems are unaffected as RPA can work with your existing system,
  • RPA reduces burden on your IT
  • Reconciliation from Multiple Systems is simpler with RPA
  • Happier and more satisfied workforce


RPA, as we all know, provides a huge number of use-cases for all enterprises looking to cut costs and improve efficiency. It aims to improve human resources by allowing people to achieve more with their time instead of doing insignificant chores. Our highly qualified RPA professionals can help you harness RPA to establish a new digital workforce for your company that works around the clock, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. For additional information, please get in touch with us at marketing@essindia.com or fill out the form to get a demo.