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ESS’ ebizframe Dealer Mgmt. System is now Ford Global UDB 4.01G Certified

The Ford Global Unified Database (UDB) is a ground-breaking global program that allows Ford to receive critical operational data from individual dealers and to feed this data into their Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) Dashboard and feed downstream systems and programs. It allows Ford an unprecedented view into each of their locations worldwide. Ford has over 11,000 dealers worldwide and integrates over 80 unique Dealer Management Systems with UDB so that this critical data could then be integrated into the Ford GUDB. This allows real time data from the retail level to be used in multiple business analytics systems.

ESS’ ebizframe Dealer Management System was suitably modified to meet Ford’s requirements and then underwent a stringent Developer Testing & Certification Testing process involving 200 Test Cases. Such was the motivation level of all concerned that Team-ESS cleared the Certification Process 1 week ahead of the estimated certification schedule. With ebizframe Dealer Management System now being Ford Global UDB 4.01G Certified, it can be deployed in any of the Ford Dealerships across the globe. For more information about ebizframe Dealer Management System, please write to us at: marketing@ebizframe.com.