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Business Leaders’ Opinion on The Impact of Global Disruptive Events

The World has witnessed some earth shaking developments in recent times and their impact on Indian software industry is inevitable. Be it the H1B visa issue due to the Trump Presidency or be it Britain’s divorce from the European Union, such developments have certainly cast a shadow on the booming Indian software industry. El-Softex conducted an online discussion with various Indian IT Business Leaders who have made a mark in their segments. Mr Sanjay Agarwala, MD, Eastern Software Systems, was also a part of the distinguished panel and shared his views on how the various issues happening on the world stage will impact the Indian IT Industry.

brexit-india-IT-IndustryOn Brexit

Britain’s exit from the European Union took the world by storm and is one of the heaviest jolts to the world economy in the past decade. Let’s see what Mr. Sanjay Agarwala has to say on this boiling issue:

 “Brexit is a huge event that will definitely impact the global as well as EU IT landscape. Whether they change for the better or not is a matter of perspective and also timing. In the short term, it is difficult to predict the impact. In the medium to short, a more stable IT supply side is expected, where Indian firms will have to compete in a more structured manner with others”

On Trump’s Presidency

With Trump becoming the President of United States, IT companies have been gripped by the fever of proposed ban on long rolls of H1B Visas that US has been issuing to Indian IT companies. On this pressing issue which concerns the realm of Indian IT industry, Mr Sanjay Agarwala said:

The business would not be as usual during the Trump Presidency for Indian outsourcing companies. Some posturing as well as some misuse of visa facility will have to be demonstrated by Trump if he has to exhibit that he is as good as his words. So, in the short term, some pain is expected, before a new equilibrium is found.”

On the Strengths and Weaknesses of Indian IT Industry

The dominance of India’s IT sector isn’t fading away anytime soon and the Indian IT industry is expected to remain in a healthy state in spite of mounting pressures. Having said that, any room for complacency can be seen as a potential weakness. Taking this discourse on the Indian IT industry further, Mr Sanjay Agarwala said:

 “With changing IT landscape and likely proliferation of next generation software where need for intense manual (read coding) effort is comparatively lesser, developers need to be re-skilled to stay relevant. This pressure will mount if our IT education does not re-invent quickly and very significantly.”

On Key Focus Areas

There are different contours that need to be traced. IT Policies surely need some tweaking to become more proactive. Cutting edge technologies and novel concepts like Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Analytics, etc. need to be embraced without many apprehensions.

Sharing his thoughts on the matter, Mr Sanjay Agarwala said: “Re-skilling our large resource pool is a high priority, so also is developing a global vision for the entire chain of IT companies, be they small, medium or large corporations.” 

On Potential IT Competitors to India

China, Philippines and East Europe were Mr Sanjay Agarwala’s pick, when he was asked to name the countries who can give India a tough competition in IT.