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ERP in Ghana

ERP Ghanaebizframe ERP is a modular, web-enabled, multi-lingual, multi-currency ERP Suite having a leadership presence in Ghana for over 8 years. It has been successfully implemented in Ghana across Printing & Publishing, Electronics, Distribution & Retail, FMCG, Industrial Machinery, Travel & Transportation, Utilities, Government, Hospitals, Oil and Gas, Oil Marketing Companies and several other industry verticals. ebizframe ERP is an extremely mature product, developed using the world’s most advanced technology platforms yet is surprisingly affordable. ebizframe has a strong presence in many other countries of Africa including Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mali, Liberia; in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Namibia, Zambia and so on. It can be quickly customized to fulfill industry-specific and country-specific requirements and implemented rapidly, thus ensuring a much faster Return on Investment (RoI) for a variety of industry needs, and has successfully adopted to legal, statutory as well as cultural requirements of Ghanaian companies.

Globally, ebizframe ERP has been successfully implemented at 1,000+ customers in 30 countries and is being used by over 30,000+ users today. ebizframe ERP in Ghana is exclusively marketed in Ghana by IPMC Ghana – one of West Africa’s largest IT Solutions and Services Company. Our large team of highly competent professionals based at Accra ensures quick delivery as well as long term support to our clients in Ghana.

What is ERP?

When large corporations struggle with issues pertaining to tracking of resources, inventory, accounts, costs, revenue from various sources, quite presumably, they need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to automate their enterprise-wide operations. Small or Mid-sized businesses may also want to implement ERP at the outset to gain the advantage of controlling costs, experiencing enhanced operational efficiency in management and accelerating informed decision-making.

ERP systems help businesses in manufacturing, distribution, logistics, or shipping to manage functions such as production, quality, human resource management, marketing, sales, billing, accounting and customer relationship management.

Role of ebizframe ERP in Ghana’s Growth Story

ERP Company GhanaGhana, a fast emerging market in the African sub-continent, known for being a global leader in cocoa production and gold reserves, has seen a number of success stories of ebizframe ERP implementation across businesses in industry segments such as Industrial Machinery, Manufacturing, Electronics Production, Printing & Publishing, Logistics, Transport, Retail and Distribution, etc.

An ERP system in Ghana primarily paves for consolidating and centralizing the flow of information and makes it easier for decision-makers to access a variety of reports across all the functions to arrive at logical and informed decisions much faster. The efficiency of such a system not only brings absolute clarity but helps avoid the wastage of critical resources. Eventually, it leads to saving costs across all departments and making the enterprise acquire a critical competitive edge over its competitors.

ebizframe ERP has been at the forefront of bringing about an enterprise automation revolution in Ghana. Some of its many success stories are:

erp vendors in ghana1. ebizframe ERP brings about significant reduction in overheads and enhancement in operational efficiency of Ghana’s Leading Graphic Design and Printing Company. For the complete case study, please click here.

2. ebizframe ERP effortlessly automates multi-company, multi-location operations of Ghana’s Leading Electronic and Gadgets Manufacturer. For the detailed case study, please click here.

3. ebizframe ERP brings smile to the faces of the management of Ghana’s biggest Utility Company suffering from inefficient and wasteful operations for several years.

To know how ESS can help your business to automate and optimize its processes, streamline the flow of information and save costs and viewing an online demo of ebizframe ERP, visit our website ebizframe ERP-ESS India. You can also send us an e-mail at marketing@essindia.com for more information.