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Why AI and ERP Integration holds so much value?


To keep striving towards innovation and strategic excellence, disruption is necessary to bring people out of their comfort zone. Information Technology is meant to accommodate such disruptions and to make space for any potential innovation. Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ERP is a kind of disruption which businesses must contemplate on. This integration certainly has numerous exciting possibilities lined up for enterprises and they must quickly jump on the bandwagon.

With enterprises deriving more mileage out of ERP Systems, a considerable amount of structured, as well as unstructured data, gets stacked up. They are running out of ideas to extract valuable information from such data and to come up with high-yielding decisions. Integrating AI with an advanced ERP Software can plug this gap by helping businesses leverage huge volumes of structured data. AI Systems by their very definition can replicate the learning patterns of humans. Enterprises, therefore, can apply such patterns to their unstructured and structured data derived from an ERP System and derive valuable insights and make better decisions in a quick span of time.

AI powered ERP Systems can change the way organizations go about performing daily operations by providing pattern-based intelligence to automate several tasks in which employees are involved, cutting down operational expenses, and eliminating human errors.

Equipment Maintenance is another functional area where AI and ERP integration can have an immense impact. The AI powered ERP Systems can bring a Digital Assistant (DA) into the picture. To get to the root cause of an equipment failure and take corrective measures, a service technician can avail the assistance of a DA. The DA can keep the information about the technical structure, performance as well as the maintenance history of the faulty equipment. It can do a comparative analysis of the same equipment placed at different sites. Based on this empirical data, it can provide the best possible solutions to the service technician.

It won’t be an overstatement if we say that the AI market will expand exponentially in the coming years. AI is here to revamp the ecosystem of ERP Software and transform business processes. By combining the data mining capabilities of an AI System with the automation prowess of an ERP Software, businesses will surely be able to achieve excellent value and operate at much higher levels of efficiency than they currently operate at.

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