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Our Success Through Partnerships

Over the years, we have grown through developing and fostering partnerships with like-minded companies across many countries.

Partnerships are prized possessions. And why not, they have been integral to so many success stories across the globe. This is big enough a reason to focus on recognizing, managing and investing in such relationships.

Partnerships strengthen your collaboration across boundaries and assist integrate new businesses effectively. Partnerships aid in growing a profitable business venture, with a transformed business model. Both partners gain momentum through each other’s strength and leverage from each other’s competencies. A diversity of skill sets, when identified and deployed appropriately, becomes the strength of any partnership.

Partnerships create space for innovation and a transformative off-the-wall thinking that leads to greater impact and sustainability over a long run.

A successful partnership helps expand share of business for both the participants. Partnerships should work like a symbiotic relationship and should prove to be a win-win situation for both the parties.

 So, in conclusion, if any one wants to expand geographies or even business areas, partnerships are the way to go!!!

About the Author:

Sanjay Agarwala is the Founder and Managing Director of Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. An IIMA Alumini, he has extensive experience in the IT Industry spanning over three decades. Mr. Agarwala is one of the pioneers in opening up the African markets for an Indian company and is an authority on how to initiate and sustain a business operation in Africa.