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ERP Systems – Top Trends in 2018

ERP System Trends in 2018

The ERP Industry has grown and evolved rapidly over the past several years despite the shadow of some failed implementations. The Enterprise Resource Planning Industry is an industry which rides on several crests and troughs owing to new innovations, advancements and continuously evolving requirements of business. 2017 too saw a great deal of changes with cloud implementations grabbing the major chunk of all ERP implementations worldwide. 2018 is expected to witness even more fluctuations in the ERP industry verticals with mobility and customization being the major differentiators in the vendor offerings. Let’s explore top ERP trends that will shape the ERP Industry in 2018:

Decisive Year for Cloud ERP Future: Despite Gartner making a prediction that 90% of all cloud ERP implementations will eventually fail, organizations have shown great affinity for the Cloud ERP model owing to less costs and hassle. Organizations are also discovering Cloud as the perfect solution in terms of scalability as they expand their operations. Notwithstanding the organizations’ choice, Cloud ERP Implementation remains a grey area when it comes to handling complexity of businesses. 2018 may prove decisive as to whether Cloud ERP Implementation holds more future or not, as execution done in the previous year start showing their results.

Configurability to overtake Customization: With more and more enterprises demanding quicker implementations and stricter customization of ERP Software to their needs, vendors are making their ERP System Software more and more configurable so that the most standard ERP System can be configured for a variety of organizations. Configuration not only saves time but also helps customers save on high customization costs which is usually a contentious issue between the implementing partner and the user enterprise.

Mobility: Mobility will seep in even deeper into ERP Systems making them as accessible as possible. Portable technology will prove to be a game changer in increasing cohesiveness among different processes in the organization resulting in even faster flow of information and quicker decision making. ERP vendors are making both ends meet by bringing more and more functionalities and processes to mobile apps thereby minimizing the need to use laptops to access ERP System Software.

We can safely say that 2018 will usher in exciting and path breaking developments in the Enterprise Resource Planning Industry landscape and these will eventually shape the future of enterprise systems in the coming years.