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ERP Software Enhances Efficiency By Bringing Seamless Connectivity

ERP Software

Any organization cannot function at its optimum efficiency until all its departments are well connected and integrated. A successful organization is founded on proper communication and seamless information flow between all the employees, management, departments, warehouses, plant, stakeholders, suppliers, etc. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is such a system which can serve as a bridge between all the departments and functions to ensure real time information flow throughout the organization.

All the departments in an organization are dependent on the data and information generated by other systems. For e.g. the Finance Department seeks Sales data from the Sales Department to book revenues and calculate profits. Similarly, the Sales Department seeks data from Inventory or Warehouse to know the availability of finished goods to book orders. There are numerous permutations in which different departments rely on data from one or more departments. Unavailability of information can cripple the speed of various processes and reduce the work efficiency of the organization as a whole.

Often the information needs to be disseminated quickly so that critical decisions can be taken in time. Non-availability of relevant data delays the decision-making flow causing significant monetary and business losses.Luckily, technology has paved the way for effective and easy communication between departments through ERP Software which integrates all the functions in a single system which is accessible throughout the organization. Some organization soperate through multiple locations across several countries. Web enabled ERP Systems serve the same information throughout the globe in real time with the help of the internet and enable such organizations to operate seamlessly across several countries. ERP Systems have a single database for all the functions which ensures that only one copy of information is accessible to all systems thereby removing any chances of different versions of data. The changes made to the data are reflected across all functions in real time thus eliminating any chances of data discrepancy in any function.

Modern day ERPs can also be accessed on mobile devices either thought WAP or mobile apps which increases real time collaboration between the field and onshore teams. This reduces response time and ultimately helps serve the customer better. Mobile apps also help decision makers to access ERP on the go enabling them to take informed decision anytime, anywhere.

Technology has evolved and it will only get better in times to come. We can expect more and more cohesiveness among departments, teams and other functions in the near future which will only foster better customer experience and ultimately lead organizations to growth and prosperity.

About the author:

Harshit is a PGDM in Marketing and a B. Tech. in Information Technology. He started his carrier with Eastern Software Systems as a Marketing & Communications Executive and has over the years evolved into a seasoned marketing professional with expertise in Digital Marketing, Conventional Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Harshit loves cooking and is always eager to create unique culinary for his friends.