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ERP – A Cost or a Fixed Deposit (FD) with min. 50% returns?

“Well Guys…..How much will this cost us?”. This is the first question that a Managing Director (MD) will typically ask the team when they bring up a proposal of buying an ERP System for the organization. Unfortunately ERPs have been seen to be a “Cost” which will simplify life or make critical information available to everyone at the click of a button so that people are more organized, more customer centric, etc. etc. etc….

So do you want to incur a cost for making life more simple and organized?  You may not like to. However when you look at the Value and Benefits that an ERP can bring to your business, your outlook of looking at an ERP as a Cost is bound to change. Imagine a FD which gives you a minimum interest of 50% and has the potential of earning as high as 200% interest….OMG!! Impossible!!  That’s likely to be your first reaction. And rightly so. Simply because it doesn’t fall within the normal realistic norms of financial returns.

Aren’t you excited to ask how can an ERP do this for you? Write in to us at marketing@ebizframe.com and we will set up a presentation for you explaining how others have managed these sort of returns.

About the Author:

Prakash Gopalani is Vice President, Sales & Marketing with Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. An IITD alumini, Prakash is responsible for Business Development across North & East India, South East Asia, CIS Countries, South & Central America and the Far East. He is a frequent speaker at Technology Seminars organized by CII, NPC, NASSCOM, ESC and other business and management associations