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Are we getting chained to technology?

We have heard of addiction to technology. We have seen images of people sitting in groups, apparently on an outing and each guy/girl is looking intently into his/her cell. This is true at social level, but what about our working environment?

Our obsession with speed and efficiency has encouraged technologists to offer everything in our hand through our handsets. Though it feels very convenient, have we ever thought that in this eagerness to be always at work, we have lost our peace of mind? Whether we are at work or in office or on vacation, we keep fumbling with our mobile – if you ask me honestly – generally for no reason at all.

This is why I have used the phrase ‘chained to technology’. We have become mental slaves to technology. We cannot think of and many are not allowed to switch off mobiles. If we lose signal, we get a feeling as if we are suffocating without oxygen!

Do we really believe that world will stop functioning if we don’t respond within so many minutes? If it doesn’t affect us when we postpone our purchases, do we really believe that somebody else may be so hard up that he/she wanted the delivery of goods or services yesterday? We know that proposals asked ‘within a day’ remain on recipient’s desk or laptop or cell for days even weeks! Urgent situations may be one in hundred and they have been answered earlier and they will have to be answered. Largest expansion of manufacturing industry and economy took place when there was no internet, remember? We are there to facilitate commerce and industry with tech, not be ruled by it.

Friends, reflect. There is life beyond technology. We, the chained people have forgotten how it feels to be free – to watch sunrise or a dance with own eyes. We push our ‘smart phone’ in front of our face to record a beautiful moment ‘to view it later’ missing that golden opportunity in the process!

What is your take? Begin afresh by try shutting down your cell for 8 hrs in a week and smell coffee, fresh air, enjoy freedom!

About the Author:

Ratan Sharda is Chief Consultant with Eastern Software Systems (ESS) and has been associated with ESS for 10+ years. He has a rich industry experience of 33+ years of which 21+ years have been in IT. He is a Post Graduate Alumini of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and has written and edited several books on social and management topics. To check his LinkedIn Profile, please click here and to connect with him on Facebook, please click here