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Flour Mills



The Indian Packaged Wheat market is slated to reach INR 15,500 crores by 2019-20. The Flour Mills wanting to corner a significant share in this market will not only need to automate their plants but will also have to enable their IT Systems to cater to this type of growth in the industry. A good IT System will help them attain greater control over their operational efficiencies and will help them remain ahead of their competition. It will enable them to overcome the following typical challenges of the Flour Mills Industry.

  • Frequent changes in Selling and Purchasing Prices.
  • Determining the Right Selling Price.
  • Shipment or Dispatch Planning (Identification of Right Transporter and Rates).
  • Easy Management of Broker Commissions and Incentives.
  • Improved Product Quality(with better control on quality of raw material).
  • Management of In-plant Contractors.
  • Accurate Demand Forecasting and Planning.
  • Advanced Materials/Production Planning(will result in a reduction of Inventory Costs).
  • Weighbridge Integration(to prevent pilferages).
  • Generate right Product Mix(based on Product-wise Profitability).
  • Respond faster to extremely dynamic market conditions(helps increase Sales Volumes and increased Customer Satisfaction).
  • Cut down duplicate and erroneous data entries(Because of multiple software being used).

88788231ebizframe ERP, India’s leading ERP software for Flour Mill in the mid-market segment, has successfully helped Flour Mills Industry across the world achieve significant improvements in their operational efficiencies. ebizframe ERP has helped them achieve their objectives of improved product quality, better cost control, increased sales volumes, better Brokers Management and faster response to the customers.

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