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ERP for Engineering Sector

Monitoring & Visibility is the key to success in Engineering Sector

Industrial Manufacturing has a major segment of Project based engineering projects. This means a standard Manufacturing Module would not work in an ERP that needs to provide satisfactory solutions to Project Engineering clients.

erp for engineering industryAn Engineering company faces different set of issues in managing complexity of projects. This begins with defining project scheduling, its cascading effect on project costs as and when these schedules change. Costs can otherwise also vary for materials and other resources like machinery and work force because of the long gestation period of each project.

A mishandled project with missed deadlines and changes in input costs can end up with less profits or even loss, apart from an unhappy customer. Thus, monitoring is to be done strictly. Quotation estimate overrun can make an organization start on the wrong note. Missed milestones can mean serious problem with cash flows as it leads to delayed invoicing. This puts pressure on working capital.

ebizframe ERP in Project Engineering helps you overcome these challenges. It will increase efficiency, maintain quality products, meet customer expectations and survive in this competitive market. Its user based Dashboard works like a Cockpit for the captains of respective departments to monitoring activities as and when they happen and raise alerts at the right time.

ebizframe ERP System Engineering is able to handle more than just the scheduling and engineering planning thatERP System for Engineering most people associate with project management activities. It manages every aspect of a project company from quotation estimates to final invoicing while keeping a close visibility of the project progress; provide value in support of revenue recognition to detailed tracking of costs by projects and tasks.

ebizframe ERP for Project Engineering is an ideal amalgam of global functionality and advanced technology to integrate and inspire opportunities and growth in your business. ebizframe can help you create an effective management environment for all business processes and operations such as sales with pre-sales activities like tendering, quotation generation, inventory management, accounts, procurement, asset management and after sales service to the client plant.  It is an end-to-end Enterprise Automation Solution in the true sense.

For more information on ebizframe ERP, mail us at marketing@ebizframe.com.