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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP Systems seamlessly automate and integrate internal and external management information across the entire organization, along with Finance & Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales & Service, Customer Relationship Management, etc. Be it a manufacturing organization, a trading organization or a government organization; they all see significant improvement in organizational efficiencies with the implementation of an ERP Software.

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) delivers a complete range of cutting-edge Business Software Solutions with a razor-sharp, long-term focus on the markets it serves. ESS’ flagship product ebizframe ERP is a powerful next generation Enterprise Resource Planning Solution. It delivers an entirely new approach to Enterprise Automation. ebizframe ERP helps customers to expand their businesses by giving them choices and flexibility to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Companies using ebizframe ERP have transformed themselves from non-integrated units with scattered islands of information to integrated, strong global companies managing their entire operations from a single location. No wonder, ebizframe ERP is the leading web-based ERP Software in India, Africa and the Middle East. It supports multi-company, multi-location and multi-currency operations. ebizframe ERP is used by 1100+ clients in 20 diverse industry verticals across 25 countries worldwide. ebizframe ERP is available in a multi-lingual interface as well.

ebizframe ERP comes to you on the latest version of Oracle Technologies. It covers the following functionality requirements of most of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations: