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Business Process Management

Business Process Management
 Business Management Software in Indiareduces the complexities of running your business, synchronizing operations and streamlining processes by taking care of the details; so you can focus on growing the business. It simply reduces problems created in employee dependent processes.

ebizframe TaskCentre creates a real-time responsive infrastructure and automates the employee activities that cost the company valuable time and money. It brings people, systems and information together. It is a process automation tool that helps in mapping out daily processes to find and eliminate bottlenecks, controls company’s costs, makes day-to-day processes efficient and effective and it also makes the employees involved in the processes.

ebizframeTaskCentre gives businesses the power to take control and grow their business with confidence. This product can effortlessly transform a static Small business ERP Software India into a dynamic ERP that provides you with the ability to act on data-driven insights in a moment.

This is made possible by the six arenas of functionality that ebizframeTaskCentre brings to the ERP application:

Business Management Software – Six Arenas of Functionally:-

  • ERP for Business Process ManagementAdvanced Business Alerts: ebizframeTaskCentre enables ERP users to automatically monitor and report on information that is critical to the company, department or a decision-maker. e.g. Be notified of decreasing stock levels before your company is unable to fulfil an order.
  • Document Automation: ebizframeTaskCentre enables ERP application users to automate document
    creation and delivery activities. e.g. Automate the construction of hourly/daily/weekly/monthly Sales Reports and free-up the time of decision-makers and senior staff.
  • Web Content Publishing: ebizframeTaskCentre will dynamically publish real time company information from your ERP Software in India (or indeed any other application) to the company Website, Intranet or Partner/Customer portal. e.g. Have real-time product availability levels or prices published to the company website and enhance your reputation amongst customers.
  • Workflow: Workflow enables ERP application users to remove the costly monitoring of data changes and subsequent users actions from their daily routine. e.g. Enable budget holders to dynamically receive and authorise/decline purchase order requests.
  • Small Business ERP Software IndiaSubscriptions & Requests: Subscriptions & Requests enable stakeholders to request and receive specific information without employee intervention or subscribe to a company SMS or E-mail news services. e.g. Enhance your marketing advertising campaigns by adding interactive SMS short codes that instantly deliver information back to the person sending the SMS text message.
  • Integration: ebizframeTaskCentre’s Integration capability enables organisations to “loosely couple” all company applications into one, event-driven solution. e.g. Ensure compliance procedures are followed and audit trails are created by using ebizframeTaskCentre Integration capabilities to write-back data to another database or to automatically archive e-mails.

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