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business intelligence erp softwareBusiness Intelligence (BI) empowers business users with access to key insights with a view to hasten and enhance business decisions. ebizframeXLenz is an Excel based Business Intelligence cum Reporting tool. It is a flexible Business Intelligence platform that will enhance organisational responsiveness, reduce IT costs, improve performance and drive better decision making across the organisation.

 It also helps an organization’s managers to analyse diverse data and extract pertinent information for actionable conclusions. With ebizframeXLenz you improve the performance of your business operations with real time insights.

 ebizframeXLenz, an Excel based Business Intelligence cum Reporting Tool makes it easy for users to prepare, analyse and visualize complex data. It helps organizations today to infuse data into every decision and action by enhanced Business Intelligence. By improving the reporting capability, it guides your business strategy to deliver tangible insights and create real value for your customers, vendors and partners. It combines the power of user-driven analytics with the power of a strong database at the ERP level and the ease of use of Excel.

 Features of ebizframeXLenz:

 Dynamic Decision Support Tool:

  • Enables easy data comparison and trends.
  • Enables flexible and multi-level reporting.
  • Enables What-If Analysis.
  • Enables Exception reporting (To Identify exceptions in huge heaps of data).

Graphical Analytics:business intelligence erp system

  • It has several in-built graphs and dashboards.
  • Users can change graph types, colour schemes, formatting on the fly or re-configure the dashboards.
  • Users can create new graphs/dashboards from the presented data and use them to create personalized templates area.

Personalized Templates/Data Views:

  • business intelligence in indiaEnables personalized report layouts and colour schemes.
  • Each user can remove/hide columns or add new columns in the same report. The System allows auto refresh of data just like the original report.
  • Same report output can be personalized by each user and stored in their respective machines, without the need of changing program logic.
  • These personalized templates can easily refresh data from database whenever the user runs that report.
  • Single Window interface – No Switching between menus.

Data Drill Down: 

  • Enables multiple levels of data drill down.
  • Same screen toggling between Summary and Detail.

User Defined Filtering/Sorting:

  • Filter/Sort data on the fly and on the same output sheet.
  • Enables dynamic changing of filters/sorting order in the same sheet.

User Defined Consolidation:

  • Enables selective/complete consolidation of data for better decision making.
  • User can create sub-totals at any level and for any selection of data.

User Defined Data Buckets:

  • Each report has multiple parameters to select the data (or data buckets) which need to be displayed.
  • User can create sub-totals at any level and for any selection of data.

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