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ebizframeBUY Buying House Management System

ebizframeerpbuy-houseA Buying House works as a mediator between buyers and manufacturers or exporters. The major functions of a buying house are to provide a number of services to their buyers like:

  • Finding good suppliers for their buyers
  • Product development to buyers expectations
  • Order processing from local vendors
  • Taking approvals from buyers on developed samples
  • Coordinating buyers comments and requirements on samples with vendors
  • Giving local approvals to vendors
  • Follow up order processing with vendors
  • Managing product quality from sample development to final inspection
  • Conducting social compliance audit at vendor factories
  • Managing buyer’s label, packaging and branding requirements.
  • Shipping and logistics

A Buying House at any stage carries out complex and voluminous transactions from side to side with its merchants, importers, exporters or suppliers. Buying Houses find it extremely tricky to track and report transactions at various stages of its processing.  Additionally they have to consider the opportunity costs and losses in cases of slippages which ebizframeerpbuymay happen. Consequently the need for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is well recognised. ERP has come a long way and its success in transforming businesses is well established.

 is a business process monitoring tool to simplify your buying processes and provides end to end business solutions. The software is designed with domain expertise and in collaboration with a leading Buying House which wanted to automate and sort their business functions to gain better control on their various processes, finding their existing software inadequate. It was thus developed  in a manner that ebizframeBUY not only managed the business but also raised productivity  by multiple times in terms of revenue, expansion and lead time reduction. The following are the reasons that support your choice of ebizframeBUY:


Key Features of ebizframeBUY

  • Designed by very experienced experts from various Buying Houses.
  • Easy search facility and easy to maintain database of new/existing suppliers and search on various parameters.
  • Tracking and improving development cycles – tracks various developments by Item, category, customer, geography or merchant.
  • Dashboards for Top Management – Quick Glance of Key Information.
  • Real time analysis on Product Development/Supply Process.
  • Routine Merchandizing – Track orders and processes with alerts.
  • Head up Alerts – Configurable alerts for various phases helps prevent situation becoming critical.
  • Tracking of Quality/Inspection/Auditing compliance.
  • Ensuring Compliance with Standards of specific buyer/country.
  • Comes with basic shipping features.
  • Generate Vendor Report Card based on objective performance parameters.
  • Choice of buying the back-end modules like Finance, Payroll, etc.
  • Option to install the system on-premises or on-cloud.

So whether you are in Garments, Home Textiles or Hard Goods, ebizframeBUY can help you manage your Buying House operations efficiently. Please mail us at marketing@essindia.com for more information on the software.