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ebizframe ERP successfully deployed at Interplast in Ghana – A Case Study

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Client’s Profile

lnterplast started operations as a manufacturer of PVC compounds in 1981. In 1983 it introduced DECODUCT Electrical Cable Management Systems and started converting compounds into finished products. Over the years the company has diversified and the spectrum of its compounds has widened, covering applications such as sidings, pipe fittings, cable insulation, sheathing, containers, etc.Some of its successful products include Underground Cable Protection Systems, wiring devices, a full range of metal trunking and cable trays with accessories.

Pre-ERP implementation Scenario

Earlier they had a Legacy system which threw up a whole lot of limitations when it came to the process mapping. They prepared reports manually for tracking pending as well as processed orders in which 48 man-hours were wasted, as there was no integrated system in place. The manual effort wasn’t limited to preparing reports but also went into processing payroll for more than 600 employees and jotting down the raw material consumption. This led to a gross mismanagement of time and inaccessibility to any real-time information. Another troublesome area was the cost-calculation of the production which lacked precision as it was heavily reliant on the manual element, and took about an hour every day.  There was no automated mechanism to capture the production waste and for any qualitative analysis via quality inspection reports, and the company suffered significant losses.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, the client went ahead with ebizframe ERP, an ERP solution from Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. The client was impressed with ebizframe ERP’s mobility and scalability, and its state-of-the-art modules like Finance, HR & Payroll, Quality Control, etc. Also the prospect of a drastic reduction in the man-hours due to the automation of the production cycle, expedited the procurement.

Opted Modules of ebizframe ERP

Post ebizframe ERP implementation Scenario

The implementation of ebizframe ERP has led to automatic generation of reports and tracking of consignments and has thus completely eliminated the man-hours spent on these activities earlier. The processing of Payroll and recording of the Employee’s Attendance, Leave and Loan History is fully automated now and just takes a day to complete. The tracking of the raw material consumption has become effortless along with the cost-calculation using ebizframe ERP’s Production Module. There is an integrated system in place now which captures the production waste, leaving no scope for any variance, which was the case when it was done manually. A comprehensive Quality Inspection mechanism is in place that provides Reasons for Rejection for the produced entity via easily accessible inspection reports.

Benefits derived from ebizframe ERP

  • A high level of tracking and accuracy.
  • Elimination of the Manual effort that went into report preparation and data consolidation.
  • Reduction in cash losses due to precise tracking of expenses.
  • 50% reduction in the manpower due to the monitoring and recording of every production activity.
  • Improved decision-making and analysis due to the availability of reports.
  • Better waste management during the production processes.