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Ebizframe Inventory Management Software Solution


materials-erpWhether you are a manufacturer or a trader, your need to track inventories closely is vital. ebizframe Inventory Module analyses stock positions in real time and ensures both adequacy of stocks and avoiding excess stocks. Working capital requirements are more effectively managed by maintaining optimal inventory levels. The ebizframe Material Management Software provides you an opportunity to implement Just-In-Time (JIT)Inventory Management.

ebizframe Materials Management System’s built-in components equip you with a planner tool to give you greater visibility across the supply chain and it streamlines inventory linked activities of your enterprise. Inventory is one the largest component of cash flow and ebizframe helps you in better utilization of your liquid capital.It has multi-currency capabilities that make the management of import procurement and its peculiarities much easier.

Modular integration of ebizframe ERP System replaces and eases the work of handling purchase, production work orders and stock ledgers while keeping track of fast and slow moving items.With its multiple Units of Measurement (UoM) handling capabilities, ebizframe can manage procurement, storage, issue as well as selling of items much more conveniently and easily.

erp material management softwareFlexible and multi-layered classification and grouping/sub-grouping to n-level gives great flexibility in maintaining an item, its storage and retrieval of information for storage and despatch and MIS reporting. Multiple warehouses and Bins enable separate inventory for each item to be maintained at a number of geographical locations.

Physical count and verification of inventory can be accomplished easily with perpetual inventory management. Multiple options of inventory valuation provide a better view of inventory carrying costs.


  • Online status of item availability in terms of on-hand, available, reserved, ordered, to order, rejected, defective and re-workable quantities.
  • Tightly integrated from PO to GRN and Purchase Invoice generation.
  • Multiple levels of classification, grouping and sub-grouping of items.
  • Multiple units of measurement.
  • Lot wise, Serial number-wise tracking of inventory across the organization.
  • Receiving material against Purchase Order processing, material requirement, sub-contracting, gate pass and production requisition.erp material management system
  • Landed Rate of Items.
  • Handling Material Rejections.
  • Gate Pass – returnable/non-returnable.
  • Physical verification of stock.
  • Multiple warehouses/branches/regional offices.
  • Stock transfer – receipts from other warehouses.
  • Consolidation at any level of company hierarchy.
  • Stock Valuation – LIFO/FIFO/weighted average.
  • Generation of required tax and statutory reports.

Free Online Demo:

If you are interested to know more about ebizframe Material Management System, you can view a short demo by clicking on the right tab. You can also send us an e-mail at marketing@essindia.comand we will have it arranged as soon as possible.