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Employees’ Self Service Portal (ESS) of ebizframe enables employees to manage their own information and accounts easily with minimum paper work, leading to a much better employee-employer relationship. They feel a sense of self-sufficiency and empowerment with this option.

With ebizframe ESS Portal employees can perform simple HR tasks like leave application, training, appraisal, getting information about payslips, tax returns, change of address, contact numbers and much more. The in-built work-flow makes these actions faster and user friendly, leading to greater employee satisfaction.

Actions which used to be manually driven and shrouded in suspense till communicated by relevant authorities, now become smooth work-flow driven transparent systems.

Using ebizframe ESS (Employee Self Service) Portal you will see an immediate increasein the productivity and efficiency of managers and Human Resource (HR) personnel as it saves time and does way with time consuming off-line requests.

Recruiting and on-boarding can be connected directly to the ESS Portal. By eliminating the need for double entry and allowing employees to evaluate their own information, the chances of inaccuracy in information is greatly decreased.

ebizframe ESS Portal can be deployed for:

  • Self Service Transactions like leave submissions and approvals, Salary Slip viewing, Training Requests Identification, Conveyance and Travel Vouchers, etc.
  • Employee Appraisal Management.
  • Information dissemination to employees like Induction Manuals, Service Rules, Company Policies, LTA Forms, LTA Rules, Medical Reimbursement Rules, etc. can be kept on the ESS Portal from where they can be easily viewed/downloaded on demand.
  • Host commonly referred documents like Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Quality Manual, Quality Procedures, Sales Manual, etc.
  • Online Submission of Time Sheets and Time Sheet Analytics.
  • Knowledge sharing amongst employees (Sales Literature, Projects Data, Domain Knowledge, etc.)
  • Create task lists for employees.
  • Employee Dashboards with key information like leaves pending, any pending application or tasks, etc.
  • Online Notice Boards/Suggestions Box.
  • Discussions Forums.
  • Corporate Online Meeting Rooms.
  • Employee Blogs.

To know more about ebizframe ESS Portal, please watch the demo by clicking the Demo Tab on the right or write to us at: marketing@essindia.com.