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ebizframe ERP Helps Dakri Cartons Ltd. To Move Up The Value Chain

About the Client

Dakri Cartons Ltd. is the leading provider of customized packaging solutions. Its Head Office is in Petite Riviere. It has been manufacturing the best quality packaging products for the past 17 years. Dakri Paper & Products Limited(DPPL), located in Bambous, Mauritius, was formed by Mr. Hanif Dakri in 1989. DPPL shifted their entire operations to a new location in Petite Riviere in 2015. DPPL is under the process of changing the name of the company to Dakri Cartons Ltd.Mr. Nazir Dakri is the CEO of Dakri Cartons Ltd.

The company specializes in the manufacturing of Die Cut Products, Regular Slotted Cartons, Non-Regular Slotted Cartons, Paper Tubes, Perforated Boxes etc.

Dakri’s Annual Turnover is approximately US$7 Million (240 Million Mauritian Rupees). The Company’s Vision is to become the biggest Carton Manufacturer and Supplier in the Indian Ocean Region and have branches across Africa & Middle East. Dakri currently has a daily capacity of converting approximately 85,000 square meters of paper to finished goods.

Pre-ERP Scenario

Prior to the ERP implementation, Sales Quotation was prepared manually and given to customers/prospects either in hard copies or through emails. Sales Order approval for existing products took a lot of time due to the physical movement of documents and availability of credit controller. Process of calculating credit limit was entirely manual, which delayed the further process of Sales Order processing.

A lot of walk-in customers come to Dakri to take the cartons from the left over / excess stock produced.Earlier, the stock availability was not known, for specifications mentioned by customers.Also, as a product’s exact location was not known, the respective products were searched manually. Along with this, cash reconciliation was also done manually.

All Sales Reports were reworked and maintained manually. Sales Reports values were getting generated in the currency in which the order was booked, and they were being manually converted to base currency (Mauritian Rupees), to see the sales for the period.

Earlier, Dakri didn’t maintain Supplier Codes or prices for different items. It resulted in a lot of time being wasted in the procurement of items. Also, at times, wrong items were provided from suppliers.

There was no online availability of Stocks’ figures for most of the items like Paper, Consumables, Inks, etc., as users were capturing the consumption 2-3 days after the physical issuance, due to non-availability of time. Issue & Return of plates and dies after the process completion, were maintained in manual books. At the time of Job Scheduling, there was an unavailability of stock, as BOM was not in place. As the Issue/Return of tools and equipment was manual, the stock figures were compromised. Since Bill of Material (BOM) was not in place, material was issued manually, based on an approximate figure, which resulted in wastage. Also, Stock Valuation of Finished Goods and WIP items was done manually.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, the client decided to go ahead with ebizframe ERP, an ERP solution from Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. The client was impressed with ebizframe ERP’s mobility and scalability, and its state-of-the-art modules like Finance, Sales, Materials, HCM, Transport, Manufacturing, Plant & Maintenance, Budget and Fixed Assets. Also the prospect of a drastic reduction in the man-hours due to the automation of the production cycle, expedited the acquirement.   

Currently, an In-house Server with a static IP is being maintained with Firewall and Antivirus. Each department has its own machine to work with. Networking is managed with LAN and Wi-Fi.

Post ebizframe10 ERP Implementation Scenario

After the ebizframe10 implementation, the Product Specifications are now captured in ERP and are entered using the attributes of items under Item Profile, to create the Product. Also, Product Costing is auto calculated in ebizframe10 ERP. Based on specifications, a user can now prepare Bill of Materials (BOM), considering process cost/overheads in ERP. Now, tentative margin can be calculated and known before approving the quote. There is now a better control over the commitments from Sales Representative in terms of quantity and pricing.

The Workflow for the approval of creations of items as well as Bill of Materials is now in place.Once the cost is derived under Bill of Material, the cost & selling price can beupdated in Item Profile.

Physical movement of documents has been eliminated in the Sales Order Approval Process. Along with this, the intervention of the Credit Controller has been eliminated and the Sales Confirmation Process has become more agile. Available Credit Limit/Credit day’s functionality is now being auto calculated in the Sales Order. The OperationsManager is now being notified via Alerts over email or via other media, so that he can take the required action upon the Sales Order.

Now, the stock availability is known based on specifications mentioned by customers.When a customer provides specifications to a sales person, he can look for the stock pertaining to those specifications as well as the physical location of the product, through the available Stock Report (Bin Location wise). Using ebizframe10, the sales person can straight away inform the Production Supervisor to fetchthe respective products, referencing the available Stock Report.

Using ebizframe10, Sales Reports with various parameters can be generated with theclick-of-a-button. Sales Analysis can be seen in base currency as well as in other currencies as per the parameter selected. Sales Trend Management now helps in effective Planning and Forecasting, improved turnaround time for customers and better pricing.

There is now an online availability of Stocks and Board (WIP). Stocks are captured with Job execution. Issue & Returns of plates and dies (tools and equipment) are no more done manually. Stock Valuation of Finished Goods and WIP items is done automatically, based on the consumption of respective job and respective processes.