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Discrete v/s Process Manufacturing: Clearing the Fog

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Discrete and Process Manufacturing are two different kinds of businesses within Manufacturing. Discrete Manufacturing is all about production of distinct items like computers, furniture, appliances, etc. These are very different from the products of Process Manufacturing which are homogeneous like glue, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oil, gas, etc. Products of Discrete Manufacturing can be taken apart as they are assembled by nuts, bolts, etc. This makes the operations of Discrete Manufacturers BOM (Bill of Material) based. While in Process Manufacturing one cannot take out the ingredients once they are processed to manufacture the finished goods. This makes Process Manufacturing Formulation based. Businesses of such diverse requirements can only thrive with an ERP System specifically designed to support unique businesses with uniquely suitable functionalities.

People often use BOM and Formulation interchangeably thereby ignoring the actual distinction between the requirements that these two fulfil. Internally, employees might be aware of what they are referring to but in terms of ERP, these functionalities differ a lot.

Discrete Manufacturing requires an effective routing mechanism, whereas Process Manufacturing operates in Batches. Discrete Manufacturing – such as make-to-order, make-to-stock demands sophisticated planning, tracking and scheduling capabilities to optimize operational efficiencies. Process Manufacturers on the other hand are known to produce products in bulk quantities, such as oil, petrol, beverages, etc. often using a chemical conversion process. Products from Process Manufacturing are measured in weight and volumes whereas Discrete Manufacturing products like Computers, Electronic items, are accounted in numerical quantities and recognized by serial numbers, bar codes, etc.

Customer Specific ERP Solution

How can your Manufacturing ERP System be the same if your operational needs are so different? It is imperative for both Discrete and Process Manufacturing companies to implement an ERP that has been developed specifically to match their requirements. ebizframe ERP successfully caters to both the facets of manufacturing since it has both BOM and Formulation (recipe) required by Discrete Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing respectively.

ebizframe ERP for Discrete Manufacturing is equipped with multi-layered (BOM) handling, links to processes, routing and capacity planning which provides you high flexibility in planning from Job Card creation to Finished Goods Production along with user-defined Quality Assurance (QA) at any or every stage of manufacturing.

ebizframe ERP for Process Manufacturing offers a wide range of benefits when it comes to Process Manufacturing solutions. Managing complex production recipes and product formulation changes, monitoring raw material, integrated supply management all becomes easy with ebizframe ERP.

Please write to us at: marketing@essindia.com and we will be happy to identify the suitable Manufacturing ERP Solution for your Manufacturing Business and transform your enterprise with ebizframe.

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Shivam is a vibrant, young PGDM working as a Marketing & Communications Executive with Eastern Software Systems. He is a geeky marketing professional with interests spanning in various domains. He loves researching online for new and different avenues where ERP Solutions can make a difference. Apart from this, Shivam is a staunch animal lover and believes in contributing his services to the society. He is also a member of Saras Prayas – an NGO conducting social welfare programs.