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Read how ebizframe centralized the operations of a transportation company in UAE

Business background

The client, incorporated on 7th November 1992, has deployed throughout the region with its full fledged operation, terminals equipped with modern loading and storage facilities at Dubai, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Doha. The client caters to cargo movement services to over 1500 satisfied customers in the region.

The client has completed 17 successful years of operations in cargo movement, customs clearing, forwarding and related activities. Client has now established itself as a leading freight forwarder in the region with infrastructure facilities which includes modern office automation and communication systems, conveyance facilities and material handling equipment and a fleet of 80 vehicles which includes light and heavy duty trucks to support the entire operational functions in handling over 500 metric tons of cargo everyday. With collection and delivery covering 20,000 km per day coupled with proper documentation as per statutory requirement of the authorities in the region so as to enable cargo/shipment transportation in record time and establishing new standards in quality and value added service which is unique in this industry.

Understanding the developments of the region, client has also invested in a full-fledged logistics facility with a 10,000 Sq. Mt. of modern warehouse at Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Objectives of ERP implementation

Client’s organizational and accounting structure before ERP implementation was a decentralized one. Each branch used to book the consignment independently without another branch knowing the consignment being booked from time to time. The only way the authorities of other branches came to know about the consignment was when the same actually reached the destination branch. Thus it was more of a post facto analysis. In order to control this widely spread business, the company decided to go for a web based centralized ERP to enforce controls and implement processes laid down by the Board of Directors. Client decided to acquire a commercial off-the shelf product that could be configured to provide the full range of business functionality required by organization.

Solution choice

The Organization Management wished to use a proven state-of-the-art technology that would provide the ability to plan, control and account for all of JBC’s activities and resources. The company evaluated several ERPs, and finally chose ebizframe, an ERP solution from Eastern Software Systems Private Limited. ebizframe was preferred because of its state of the art technology, good track record, low entry and implementation cost and a clear implementation methodology and transparent costing system.

Pre ERP scenario

Client was using an application which could not handle the multiple branch concept. Though the operation was carried out in multiple countries, the existing application could not support multiple currency transactions. Whenever the data grew the performance of the application rapidly deteriorated until and unless the big chunk of data was removed from the server. Due to this problem the historical analysis was almost not possible.

ebizframe ERP implementation

Implementation of ebizframe started in February 2008 and JBC went live in August 2008 in all the branches. ebizframe was adopted with some customization and re-engineering to suit their business processes. This was necessary as the organization moved from a single branch to a multi branch and multi currency controlled operations environment. Complete freight and forwarding ebizframe ERP application comprising of Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Finance, HR & Payroll, Fixed Asset Modules are online now.

Benefits derived

After implementation of ebizframe ERP, client has been able to achieve better monitoring of vehicle movements. It has also resulted in lower turnaround time of consignment collection and delivery. Better service to the customers is possible as all the data from the beginning is available online. The Finance Module with its features like consolidation, multi-currency options gives client a better control and flexibility over financial reporting. Many MIS reports are available on the click of a button. There is a better monitoring of operations.

IT Infrastructure

ebizframe has been implemented on IBM X Series Server with 8 GB RAM each for database and application. At present there are approx 80 users all across the GCC countries using Pentium-IV desktop PCs with 512 MB RAM. They have kept the Server at the Dubai office connected using an ADSL line. Each branch connects to the main server using a 2 MBPS ADSL line dedicated for ebizframe.