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Leading Uganda’s Sugar Company opts for ebizframe ERP

About the Client

The client is located in Kiswaza Village, Kiziranfumbi Uganda. They produce 1,800 tons of sugar per day and give employment to over 5,000 people and their total investment is approximately US$ 50M. The sugar production in the country is one of the fastest growing industries and it contributes 25% of Uganda’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The client has 1,000+ out-growers and they expect to reach 2,600 in 2018. They are also managing a Fleet of 700 vehicles including heavy vehicles.

Pre-Implementation Scenario

The client was using Tally ERP9 for Agriculture and the other departments were being managed manually. They were also not able to automate their Agriculture Process and monitor the day-to-day activities of the Sales Executives. With ebizframe10 their key focus will be to track all the activities, performance and conduct detailed Agriculture Planning

Solution Choice

The client has opted for the following modules and functionalities of ebizframe10:

  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Sales & Price Scheme
  • Materials (Purchase & Inventory)
  • Import & Payroll Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Fixed Assets & System Security
  • Agriculture – OGR (Out growers)
  • Agriculture – Plantation & Agronomy
  • Farmer Accounting & Weighbridge system
  • Cane Transportation & logistics
  • Agriculture Workshop & Set-up

Benefits from ebizframe10 Implementation

The client is looking forward to obtaining the following benefits from the use of ebizframe10 ERP:

  1. Purchase & Inventory Management.
  2. Import & Human Capital Management.
  3. Work-Flow & Sales understanding.
  4. Controls of out-growers and their transactions including Loan Management, multiple Products (Sugar, Bagasse, Molasses, Ethanol, Rectified sprit etc.).
  5. Agriculture – Plantation & Agronomy.
  6. Farmer Accounting & Weighbridge System.
  7. Agriculture Workshop & Field Development.
  8. Weighbridge Management with automatic net Weight understanding.
  9. Automatic Salary Processing for all staffs on the basis of Biometric Integration
  10. Harvesting Planning in Advance & Control on cane Delivery.
  11. Finished Goods availability on the basis of cane availability.
  12. Fully system based farmers Billing Calculation.
  13. Transport of cane & Service Contractor Billing.
  14. Proactive Alerts to individual and group of users.
  15. Vehicle Repair and Maintenance.
  16. Agronomy & Transport of cane.

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