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ebizframe ERP Al-Ikhtyaar Investment Group Qatar – A Case Study

Business Background

Al-Ikhtyaar Investment Group (AIIG) was established and registered in 1992 at Doha, Qatar. They are a diversified group with multiple lines of business like:

  • Glass manufacturing & fitting
  • Manufacturing & fitting of UPVC & Aluminum frames of doors & windows
  • Powder coatings of the profiles
  • Rentals & contracting
  • Furniture manufacturing & decorations, etc.

Al-Ikhtyaar Investment Group is headquartered at Gharrafa, Doha with 6 factories &a furniture / UPVC showroom.

ESS-CasestudyESS-Qatar  ESS-Doha

Over time they have proved their ability and expertise to offer their customers the highest quality and the widest range of services. They have maintained their enthusiasm for excellence throughout their growth and have emerged today as one of the most trusted and efficient service providers in the industry.

Before ebizframe10 ERP

The following were their major pain areas when AIIG decided to go for an ERP:

  1. Visibility of Finished Goods stock – Availability of Finished Goods Inventory across various units andESS-Casestudy-2 showrooms was not visible in real-time basis. This was a manual process.
  1. Ease of availability of data – Data was not readily available. Each department had to pursue with other departments to get relevant information.
  1. Raw Material Tracking – Raw material tracking was done manually usingMS Word &Excel documents and spreadsheets, and sometimes verbally.It was very difficult to get the actual Inventory position. This lead to AIIGcarryingexcess raw materialat times whilst and at other times they would face stock-out of some items. There wasno built–in systemwhich would trigger re-ordering.
  1. Customer dissatisfaction – It was difficult for the Sales personnel to respond to client queries about their order delivery status resulting in customer dissatisfaction.
  1. Client OutstandingsMonitoring – Therewas no mechanism of tracking how much payment wasdue after delivery and when or from whom the payment was to be recovered. Thisbecame a very complex issue when the volume of orders fulfilled increased exponentially.
  1. Cash Flow – Managing Cash-flowwas a serious problem due to large customer outstanding and overstocking.

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Implementation of ebizframe10

Implementationofebizframe10 ERPbegan in August 2016.A full-fledged Client Discovery Document (CDD) and Process Finalization Document (PFD) was created with close interaction of the AIIG Team and signed off before actual implementation began.

AIIG went live in January 2017 across four organizations in a time span of just 4.5 months.

ebizframe10 was configured as per the finalized documentation and some re-engineering of their business processes as the organization moved from a decentralized system to an online, centralized system in a controlled environment.Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Project Management, Finance, HR & Payroll, Fixed Asset modules are online now.

The Project Management module with Materials Management and Finance provides them with a 360°view of their profitability across all projects from a macro to a micro level.

Benefits of ebizframe10

ESS-Doha-Qatarebizframe10 ERP allows the user to accessreal-time centralized information. It also helps them in tracking order status andavailable stocks. By using different reports now they have tighter control on their customer and supplier outstanding, resulting in much better cash flow and financial planning. The workload on the Finance Department has reduced considerably due to live and integrated data with tight controls at all stages. With ebizframe10,information flow is seamless across respective modules giving each user a holistic view of his department. This also enables each team more time to focus on their core functions/activities.


From the very beginning, AIIG was clear on not investing on a large scale and complex infrastructure to run their ERP system. Today,ebizframe10 ERP is installed on a basic server that manages operation across 4 entities where estimated project values can vary from 20,000 QR to 1,000,000 QR. This speaks volumes of the capability of ebizframe, the ERP that sits light on IT infrastructure.

Future Plans

Al-Ikhtyaar will look for sophisticated MIS Reports that would help them build intelligence about their business on-the-go. They also have ambitious plans to use in-built Business Intelligence (BI) tool of ebizframe10 to mine data and derive meaningful information across various departments. They will be looking at enhancing the ERP functionalities as their business grows and as new products and services are added to their portfolio.