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Leading Rice Manufacturer in Kenya is now onboard ebizframe10 ERP

About Client

The client was established in 1999 and since then has diversified their operations to rice milling, porridge milling, and packaging of wheat flour.

CIL owns four major brands viz. CIL, Ranee, Soko, and Pearl. They are into the processing and packaging of items like Maize, Rice, and Pulses. Apart from these products, CIL also trades in items like Spaghetti and Pasta. The raw material is being imported from countries like India, Egypt, Pakistan, etc. CIL has around 300 employees and 35 licensed users on ebizframe10.

Scenario prior to CIL’s migration to ebizframe10

Before their migration to ebizframe10, CIL was not using the Manufacturing Module in their legacy system due to the user’s inability to adapt to the system. Hence, more effort was put in the user’s training from ESS’ side, because of which the Manufacturing Module is now active and is being used by CIL.

Also, the Inventory Module was not being used by CIL in the legacy system and Sales were being done even when the stock was not available. As CIL buys produce from local farmers as well, so following the regular Purchase Order to procure material was cumbersome for them. Prior to the migration, stock entries were entered in the legacy system manually.

Scenario post CIL’s migration to ebizframe10

In order to put a check on payments, an option called “On Account Payment” has been provided which would enable the user to pay the supplier only in case of the invoice being paid. Not only this but with a page like Year-End Adjustment, an option has been provided to CIL to realize the foreign currency accounts (Bank, Cash, Supplier) on month-end/year-end and reverse the voucher at the start of the next month/year to have a more accurate picture of Financial Statements.

Auto Mail Alert is provided to the customer and the Sales Representative when the Delivery Note is generated. This helps the customer & the Sales Representative to easily track the dispatched order. The Sales Module has been linked to the Transportation and Logistics Module to make sure that CIL properly utilizes the vehicle capacity while dispatching the goods on specific routes. MIS has been provided which gives an indication of the pending orders in quantity for each group on route basis.

Price Setup has been configured to suit the needs of CIL. Now he delivered as well as the collected price for the same customer and item can be defined. At dispatch depending on whether the item is being collected by the customer or is being delivered to him, the price is fetched from the Price Setup.

All the shipment details are on ebizframe10 ERP and linked with the Import POs. CIL updates the details on Import PO checklist to track the delivery at any point in time for the Procurement Department. The company can generate the Shipment Advice from ebizframe10 to submit to the Government in the specified format. Along with this, accurate Costing of import material, Price, Quality and Delivery Time Analysis are achieved. Also, a provision of Procurement limits has been added to decide the quantity to be procured up to a certain limit. Weighbridge System has been integrated to get accurate details from the software to ebizframe10 ERP, thereby reducing manual errors significantly.

There is now a real-time entry in the ERP System for Production as verified and matched based on the System vs Physical Stock. Actual Costing has been enabled and can be easily tracked by the Management, a facility not available earlier. Accuracy in Product Costing has also been achieved now.

Fixed Assets Module has also been incorporated, which has helped CIL in managing the Fixed Asset on ebizframe10 ERP with proper depreciation and Asset Management. Earlier, the company was maintaining this on paper.

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