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RPA services

RPA enables firms to embrace digital workflows and make better use of their resources by automating repetitive tasks.

At Eastern Software Systems, we help businesses automate their entire business environment with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We assist our clients in improving productivity, reducing operational costs, boosting scalability, and develop better customer experiences with our end-to-end RPA consulting services.

With Our RPA Service, You Can Adapt To The Changing Digital World – We enhance and automate human jobs for businesses using our RPA Services in various business operations, improving the quality and efficiency of the outcomes in a much shorter period. ESS’s RPA services allow you to automate human jobs for your business, resulting in increased operational efficiency and productivity with the same number of resources.

Why do businesses need RPA?

  • IT services devote 30% of their time to low-level, basic jobs.
  • Employees devote 60 hours each month to repetitive and automatable tasks
  • RPA can automate 70% to 80% of traditional rule-based processes.
  • Manual invoice processing costs $5 to $25 for 50% of organizations. These can be easily automated using RPA technology

RPA Services :

Consultation on RPA 

  1. RPA Consultancy services
  2. A digital center of excellence with a team of expert RPA professionals.
  3. A review of the business process and a road map for the implementation plan.
  4. Consultation on architecture and tool selection

Automated Design

  1. The creation of RPA applications.
  2. Managing implementations ranging in size from small to large.
  3. Design, testing, and deployment of bots.
  4. Development of a custom framework and accelerator.

RPA solutions that are tailored to your needs

  1. RPA bot development on a custom basis.
  2. RPA and AI/ML integration.
  3. Full-service delivery (On-Premise and Cloud).
  4. Solutions based on Industry-specific Use Cases.

Leading UiPath Partners


UiPath, the industry’s leading provider of RPA technology, allows organizations worldwide to manage full-fledged digital staffs that automate routine tasks, freeing up employees from rote work. We provide end-to-end RPA services that allow our clients to understand their current automation levels and identify opportunities to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. With our highly skilled UiPath RPA experts, we will assist you in identifying automation processes, developing automation workflows, and maintaining your robot workforce.

Our highly qualified RPA experts will collaborate with you to identify processes ripe for automation, select RPA technology appropriate for your operations, design automation workflows, and assist in maintaining your digital workforce.

We collaborate with businesses of all sizes at Eastern Software Systems to build a digital workforce that is dependable, secure, and scalable. Our specialists can assist you whether you are just starting your RPA journey or have already deployed RPA and want to start intelligent automation.

Our end-to-end RPA services help our clients analyze their present automation levels and identify cost-cutting opportunities.

ESS’s broad experience spans application services and infrastructure management with tremendous insight into implementations and support for critical processes and underlying infrastructure. We have RPA experts who have worked with clients across industries.

You can take advantage of our RPA solutions to automate business processes, including invoice processing, account reconciliation, sales orders, onboarding, and hiring.

Get in touch with our team to learn how RPA can help your business grow and become more productive.

Reach out to us at marketing@ebizframe.com

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