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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

Automate and Transform your business end to end 

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that creates it easy to build, deploy, and control software robots that emulate human actions interacting with digital systems and software. Tasks conducted by a human being in a robot-like manner, without applying too much thought or without using any discretionary thinking, can be achieved by software robots. RPA liberates up your skilled staff for tasks where their experience and intelligence can be more functional and more adequate use. Robotic process automation automates tasks and processes that employees usually perform. RPA works across various platforms, applications, and departments. RPA integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, requiring no additional installation.

UiPath RPA : World’s Leading RPA tool

As a leading provider of RPA technology, UiPath enables global business to manage a full-fledged digital workforce that mimics employees in administering rules-based tasks, freeing their employees from the daily routine of rote work.  Our end-to-end UiPath RPA consulting services enable our clients to understand current automation levels and discover opportunities for reducing operational cost and increasing productivity.

Our highly skilled UiPath RPA experts will work with you to continuously identify processes suitable for automation, develop automation workflows and help sustain your robot workforce.

Why do businesses need RPA?

  • IT services devote 30% of their time to low-level, basic jobs.
  • Employees devote 60 hours each month to repetitive and automatable tasks
  • RPA can automate 70% to 80% of traditional rule-based processes.
  • Manual invoice processing costs $5 to $25 for 50% of organizations. These can be easily automated using RPA technology

RPA Services :Robotic Process Automation ConsultancyConsultation on RPA 

  1. RPA Consultancy services
  2. A digital center of excellence with a team of expert RPA professionals.
  3. A review of the business process and a road map for the implementation plan.
  4. Consultation on architecture and tool selection

Automated Design

  1. The creation of RPA applications.
  2. Managing implementations ranging in size from small to large.
  3. Design, testing, and deployment of bots.
  4. Development of a custom framework and accelerator.

RPA solutions that are tailored to your needs

  1. RPA bot development on a custom basis.
  2. RPA and AI/ML integration.
  3. Full-service delivery (On-Premise and Cloud).
  4. Solutions based on Industry-specific Use Cases.

Leading UiPath Partners


UiPath, the industry’s leading provider of RPA technology, allows organizations worldwide to manage full-fledged digital staffs that automate routine tasks, freeing up employees from rote work. We provide end-to-end RPA services that allow our clients to understand their current automation levels and identify opportunities to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. With our highly skilled UiPath RPA experts, we will assist you in identifying automation processes, developing automation workflows, and maintaining your robot workforce.

RPA Transformed Various Industries

According to a research by Gartner, digital transformation is the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new business model.

Industries such as insurance, finance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing leverage RPA consulting services to automate high volume, cumbersome and repetitive tasks. These involve claims processing, invoicing and payment activities, human resources processes, customer onboarding, and tax return application. RPA is helping organizations reshape the way they operate and their level of responsiveness at most touchpoints within the value chain. Let’s discuss in detail -.

RPA for Banking

Using RPA in the banking industry is essentially intended for automating repetitive tasks. With robotic process automation (RPA), banks can engage their customers in real-time, reducing manual tasks, offering better compliance, mitigating risk, and improving customer service.

RPA for Insurance

RPA is increasingly being utilized by insurance businesses to fuel their digital transitions. The purpose of the insurance sector is to give clients fast, compassionate assistance in times of difficulty.

RPA in Logistics

Robotic Process Automation is one technology that may help improve logistics and supply chain optimization by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks, such as data entry and creating faster workflows.

RPA in Healthcare

RPA in Healthcare can help automate most of these monotonous, non-value-added tasks and free up your healthcare professionals on more critical activities like taking care of your clients.

RPA in Manufacturing

Automating manufacturing has resulted in numerous latest innovations in factories across a wide range of industries. By implementing RPA, the manufacturing sector is able to take advantage of errorless and simplified processes without the need to complete full performance to ensure the best productivity. Automating scheduling can eliminate manufacturing obstacles such as human errors and inventory wastage. Consequently, wastage is significantly reduced.

RPA in Retail Industry

Retail is the concluding step of a complex supply chain with several additional costs that keep adding at every stage. RPA also allows retailers to adjust pricing, production, or inventory faster. In-Store Planning.

RPA in Human Resources

RPA is a great technique to increase HR data management skills. RPA refers to software bots that automate rule-based, high-transactional HR procedures with little or no human participation.

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Robotic process automation enables business processes automation in virtually every sector by streamlining data entry and other redundant, monotonous, time-consuming tasks. Automated process automation tools allow businesses to focus on the most critical issues. It also allows them to establish new revolutionary ways of working. Adopting robust RPA software also will enable you to gain better insights and control.

Our highly qualified RPA specialists can assist you to leverage RPA can create a new digital workforce for your organization that works tirelessly 24/7. To know more, contact us at marketing@ebizframe.com or fill in the form to schedule a demo.


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