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The Not Either/Or of Smelling the Roses

Most of us embrace and appreciate the idea of taking unplanned detours, savouring those special spontaneous moments with loved ones, listening to our favourite playlist, hearing the music of birds chirping, but how many times do we actually do it? We are all so caught up in our work and families that we hardly ever stop by and smell the roses.

My point is simple- doing what we really enjoy is more a matter of attitude than time. However busy we may be, it takes no time to sing a song lost in the archives of our memories, to look up at the sky and see the rushing clouds, to give an ear to the cooing of doves, let your gaze linger on the funny toys being sold at traffic lights….you know!

 Enjoying what we adore will not divert us from personal or professional commitments. It is just that we are so fixated upon the idea of using all our time to do something useful (read work related or for our families), that perhaps there is a sense of guilt when we just do something entirely for ourselves.

 You don’t have to be serious faced all the time, gazing at pie charts, thinking about strategy to accomplish your goals; take a break to look through the window panes and feel one with nature. If you simply take a few minutes to tune into what makes you most content, you will feel inspired, more rejuvenated to tackle your next project and make your dreams come true. You will also witness the ripple effect; people inspire themselves as well as others. Once that joy of life ‘le joie-de-vivre’ comes back to us, our colleagues and family will also share that positivity. And I am certain that nobody will even notice the few minutes a day that are truly yours to enjoy doing what you like best!

About the Author:

Sanjay Agarwala is the Founder and Managing Director of Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. An IIMA Alumni, he has extensive experience in the IT Industry spanning over three decades. Mr. Agarwala is one of the pioneers in opening up the African markets for an Indian company and is an authority on how to initiate and sustain a business operation in Africa.