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A Complete Guide to ERP for Small Businesses!

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is a platform that combines critical functionalities like HR, Accounting, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. into a single software. Hence, it is very important for small businesses to adopt business management software like an ERP for optimizing and augmenting the productivity of their business. An ERP for small business can help enhance communication and seamless data exchange across different departments …Read More

5 Measures for Choosing an ERP for Food and Beverage Industry

Recent changes to legislation in many countries require Food and Beverage (F&B) manufacturers to document their processes and make sure that F&B products are grown, harvested, processed and then packaged in accordance with the appropriate guidelines.  But for the Food and Beverage manufacturers to meet their business challenges, they require a complete enterprise automation system like an ERP to handle all their business operations seamlessly. This is where an ERP …Read More

5 Industries That Can Reap the Benefits of ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Software like ebizframe assists industries to create a more efficient business. Without an ERP System, it is like navigating on a dark path without any source of light. Business owners have to make decisions on their instincts which might be right, but it is always better to navigate with a source of light, isn’t it? The major purpose of versatile ERP Software like ebizframe is …Read More

How the Manufacturing Industry can Resolve its Biggest Problems with ERP?

An ERP Software Market Report published by Allied Market Research states that the global ERP Market of ERP is all set to touch US$41.69 Billion by the year 2020. ERP systems have been around for many years now, assisting businesses to organize and simplify their complex business processes. This has led to a tremendous evolution of the ERP technology in the past few years with a good number of organizations …Read More

Top 10 reasons for ERP implementation failure

History is replete with instances of ERP system implementation failures. However, to call them failures would be a massive understatement. Such ERP failures could also cause tremendous loss of reputation and goodwill. Forbes mentioned in its list of “Infamous software disasters”, the “Nike ERP disaster” that led to a whopping 20% stock dip in the year 2000. Another on the list was the “not so sweet” experience for Hershey’s failure …Read More

Change Management – 4 Keys to Successful ERP Implementation

“Change is the only constant”. That’s one proverb we have heard way too many times. It is quite true that people resist change. It is even more protuberant in organizations that are on their way to make some significant changes in their working patterns. Employees are hesitant about new methods, policies, systems, etc. This is precisely why change management should not be viewed as a ‘redundant expenditure’ or as something …Read More

What is Cloud ERP System and is it right for you?

What is Cloud ERP System? When it comes to ERP, choice of deployment matters a lot to organizations. They can either opt for On-Premise ERP or Cloud based ERP application on their preferences. Cloud based ERP Software is hosted on the internet and is available as a sort of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  It has gained much more popularity in the recent years owing to its short implementation cycle and less upfront/capital …Read More

Why AI and ERP Integration holds so much value?

To keep striving towards innovation and strategic excellence, disruption is necessary to bring people out of their comfort zone. Information Technology is meant to accommodate such disruptions and to make space for any potential innovation. Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ERP is a kind of disruption which businesses must contemplate on. This integration certainly has numerous exciting possibilities lined up for enterprises and they must quickly jump on the …Read More


The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Industry has thrived and evolved rapidly over the past several years. The ERP Industry rides on several crests and troughs owing to new innovations, advancements and continuously evolving requirements of a business. 2017 saw plenty of changes with cloud implementations accounting for a major chunk of all ERP implementations worldwide. 2018 is expected to witness even more fluctuations in the ERP Industry with mobility and …Read More

ERP Software for Service Industry has assumed Great Importance! Why?

The Service Industry covers people-centric organizations and such organizations have specific requirements when it comes to selecting an ERP Solution for Service Industry. Project and Expense Management are integral to the Service Industry and a best ERP Software can help it achieve that, making them use resources in a prudent manner. Being people-centric, organizations are required to record every transaction in a system. Ideally, it should be an automated process …Read More