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6 Reasons to Avoid Over Customizing ERP Software

We live in a “customizable world”, a world where we can get absolutely anything and everything tailored to our specific needs. Suffice to say that our generation is extremely accustomed to heavy customization. It gives you a sense of control as everything is “tailored to you.” Well then, how can a business resist the temptation of over customizing ERP Software to its specific needs? Every business faces a critical decision …Read More

What are the Benefits of Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal?

To define Employee Self-Service (ESS) in a nutshell, it is a feature which is a part of all modern Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), using which employees can access the transactions related to them. It enables employees to perform job-related tasks that otherwise take a lot of time to complete because of the scattered information as well as workflows involved. ESS Portal typically helps organisations save useful personhours, which leads …Read More


Agile Manufacturing is the ability to respond to market changes in a swift and nimble manner. Agile Manufacturing is the key ingredient for the survival of any Manufacturing business which is prone to changes in market demands. Manufacturers who can adapt to market changes in a jiffy without compromising on the quality of production often rule their respective industries. ERP Software can help manufacturers forge Agile Manufacturing in almost every kind of industry having …Read More

ERP Software Enhances Efficiency By Bringing Seamless Connectivity

Any organization cannot function at its optimum efficiency until all its departments are well connected and integrated. A successful organization is founded on proper communication and seamless information flow between all the employees, management, departments, warehouses, plant, stakeholders, suppliers, etc. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is such a system which can serve as a bridge between all the departments and functions to ensure real time information flow throughout the …Read More

Why ERP is much needed for the Oil Marketing Companies(OMCs)?

OMCs have always been in the midst of changing regulations andglobally oscillating oil prices. They have to be both flexible and proactive if they want to keep up with the globally fluctuating oil prices. Another potential challenge is a geographically scattered market, which makes the implementation of their marketing schemes difficult. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing scheme and it differs from region to region, client to client and product to product. …Read More

Why Enterprises shouldn’t hold Back Integrating ERP and CRM?

Traditionally ERP and CRM Systems have continued to deliver exclusive streams of information effectively. Clubbing these exclusive data streams by integrating ERP with CRM Systems is now catching the attention of industry experts. Such an integration would enable enterprises to conduct enhanced analysis resulting in improved Sales Forecasting, Better Inventory Management and building more durable and  satisfied customer relationships. Such an integrated system will also make the multi-dimensional analysis of …Read More