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India’s Leading Management Association seamlessly migrates to latest version of ebizframe — A Case Study

Business Background

Founded in the year 1957, this Management Association is an apex body of management with over 31,000 individual members, 3,000 institutional members and 60 Local Management Association across India and overseas.

The client undertakes a host of management related activities and initiatives such as Distance Management Education, Management Development Programmes, Special Conferences, Research & Publications, Testing Services and Competitions.

Objectives of ERP

The client had been using ebizframe for automating its back-end operations for the past 6 years. Last year they decided to migrate to the latest version of ebizframe.

ESS effected the migration of the ebizframe legacy version to the latest state-of-the-art ebizframe release 7.3 in a virtual hot-swap mode wherein the existing operations of AIMA were not disturbed during the migration process.


  • Our client is now enjoying the benefits of the several advanced and innovative features of Release 7.3 which were not available in the earlier release:
  • Sales of MAT Bulletin, Admission/Entrance Examination Forms through various departments of the Management Association via banks and institutions.
  • Tracking of internal stationery consumption for actual department-wise expenses analysis.
  • The Management Association is now able to maintain department-wise books of accounts.
  • Advanced automatic TDS calculation and reports generation.
  • In this feature TDS related financial activities like calculation of TDS, booking of TDS, and generation of the TDS related reports is being done automatically.
  • It also provides provision to deduct multiple types of TDS on a single bill/single transaction under various sections defined by the Government of India.

Few of the Major TDS related Reports which are generated by ebizframe are following:-

  • 26Q Challan
  • 26Q Detail
  • 27Q Challan
  • 27Q Detail
  • DVAT Detail
  • DVAT 43 Certificate
  • DVAT 43 Return
  • DVAT 48
  • TDS/TCS Challan
  • Form 16A
  • Form 16A (Annexure)


After implementation of ebizframe 7.3, the client has been able to keep track of the sales of their magazines and examination forms. Using automated TDS process it has reduced the workload of manual TDS procedures. The Association can now keep a track of its actual expenses occurring department-wise. It has also been able to comply with many statutory requirements by maintaining department-wise books of accounts. It can now also maintain its inventory in an effective manner.

Infrastructure – ebizframe has been implemented on an IBM server with Xeon Processor and 16GB RAM. There are 25 users with normal Pentium IV machine.

Future Plans – In the coming months the Management Association is planning to connect ebizframe to its employee Portal for the automation of the HR related functionalities and polices.