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Ghana’s Leading Oil Marketing Company chooses ebizframe ERP

Business Background

The Company is a private limited liability Ghanaian company. The company is operated as an Oil Marketing Company (OMC) in Ghana, after being granted the OMC license by the National Petroleum Authority, and the Environmental Protection Agency. It aims to pursue selective service station set up with own location sites and strategic alliances with third party owner sites. Their main activity is to market various oil products to the growing number of prospective clients.

Objectives of ERP

The client operates in the retail sector of the Petroleum Industry by operating a chain of State-of-the-art retail outlets across the country. The Company is managed by a team of professional personnel who are experts in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products. The management wanted to have a robust and integrated system to take care of its Oil distribution operations across the country.

Pre ERP Scenario

Before migrating to ebizframe they were using Tally accounting application. Other operations like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Human Resource and Payroll were managed through MS Excel.

Some challenges before ERP:

  • Lot of data entry required in accounting system.
  • Unable to manage price build-up with system.
  • System was not capable to generate oil specific statutory reports like- Transports Claim Reports, Freight Reports etc.
  • Unable to access at Depot.
  • Tracking of overdue balance of customers was very challenging.
  • Tracking of customer outstanding was a challenging task.

Solution Choice

The Management wanted to have the vendor to have wide spectrum of implementation experience in OMC and also a strong local presence. They also wanted the system to be flexible, robust, user friendly yet cost effective. ebizframe turned to be the best choice for them.

ERP Implementation

Modules: Sales, Purchase, Finance, Inventory, Payroll, Fixed Asset

After ebizframe Implementation

  • ebizframe is a full-fledged integrated ERP application tailored to cater to the requirements of an Oil Marketing Company. The entire operations are now unified, with data integrity across all functions. All systems and processes has been implemented and enforced, all data is available across the company, no wait time.
  • Price build-up functionality has been specially developed as part of the Sales module in ebizframe catering to the requirements of automatic price and tax calculation from the system. This has facilitated fast and accurate price calculation saving lot of computation time, and have increased accuracy.
  • No manual order entry process. All the orders are getting captured online in ebizframe and processed centrally at HO, better Client and Order Management. Enforcing better work ethics.
  • Now every depot has access of the system and invoice generation happens from the depots on real time data basis. 100% accuracy, no delay in revenue booking.
  • The system has provided purchase and sales integration. System has functionality for both stock order and Direct Delivery order. One step solution has been given eliminating lot of data entry time.
  • The system generates all the statutory reports.
  • The system covers every aspect of the business covering all departments providing authentic, reliable and accurate information. Decision making has become data- driven and much faster.
  • Reports formats has been fully configured in the system as per the requirements of an OMC.
  • Price build-up process is controlled entirely by the HO and no manual writing of invoice is allowed in the system.
  • Real time information is available, timely follow-up has reduced receivable days.
  • The system supports automated and accurate trade loan commission calculation. This has improved partner and customer satisfaction.
  • Substantial reduction in paper usage. Mostly happens electronically in the system.
  • Automated payroll processing is done, takes 1 hour to process the complete payroll.


ebizframe has been implemented on Dell server with Quad core processor, 16 GB RAM and 450 GB HDD.  The system is installed on the central server at the Head office in Accra.

Future Plans

They are planning to rollout the ebizframe ERP to their other group companies.